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Aéronautique Navale ships

List of ships

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Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Charles de Gaulle class 12001--
Aircraft Carrier Colossus class 119461973
Aircraft Carrier La Fayette class 219511963
Aircraft Carrier Clemenceau class 219612000
Helicopter Carrier Jeanne d Arc class 119642010
Guided-Missile Cruiser Colbert mod class 119721991
Cruiser Colbert class 119591970
Guided-Missile Destroyer Suffren class 219672007
Guided-Missile Destroyer F70 AA class 21988--
Guided-Missile Destroyer Horizon class 22008--
Destroyer T53 Duperré class 619571992
Destroyer F65 Aconit class 119731996
Destroyer F67 Tourville class 31975--
Destroyer F70 ASW class 71979--
Frigate Commandant Riviere class 919621995
Frigate Floreal class 61992--
Frigate La Fayette class 51996--
Frigate Aquitaine class 52012--
Corvette d'Estienne d'Orves class 171976--
Corvette Gowind class 120122018
Assault Carrier Mistral class 32006--
Landing Ship/Platform Dock Ouragan class 219652007
Landing Ship/Platform Dock Batral class 51974--
Landing Ship/Platform Dock Bougainville class 11988--
Landing Ship/Platform Dock Foudre class 219902015
Support Ship D Entrecasteaux class 119712008
Support Ship Durance class 51977--
Icebreakers L'Astrolabe class 12017--


Shipyards. 2nd hand not included YearsShips
Not specify check1958 - 20176
FR DCNS - Lorient, 1957 - 201744
FR DCNS - Brest, 201533
FR Chantier Nantes, Ile de Nantes 19881
FR Chantiers de l Atlantique, 1963 - 19947


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1951 CV La Fayette class
1957 DD T53 Duperré class
1959 C Colbert class
1972         CG Colbert mod class
1961 CV Clemenceau class
1962 FF Commandant Riviere class
1967         portugal Joao Belo class
1992         Floreal class
1996                 La Fayette class
1996                         FFG saudi arabia Al Riyadh class
1996                         taiwan Kang Ding class
2007                         FFG singapore Formidable class
1964 H Jeanne d Arc class
1965 L Ouragan class
1990         Foudre class
1967 DDG Suffren class
1971 AO D Entrecasteaux class
1973 DD F65 Aconit class
1974         F67 Tourville class
1979                 FF F70 type class
1979                         F70 ASW class
1988                         DDG F70 AA class
1974 L Batral class
1976 FS A69 type class
1976         d'Estienne d'Orves class
2001                 turkey B class corvette
2012                 Gowind class
2019                         argentina Bouchard OPV class
1978         argentina Drummond class
1977 AO Durance class
1988 L Bougainville class
2001 CVN Charles de Gaulle class
2005 LH Mistral class
2008 DDG Horizon class
2012 FF Aquitaine class
2017 AW L'Astrolabe class

Equipment and Weapons

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engines Naval Engine boilers 1964--
engines Naval Engine diesel 1974--
engines Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick 1962--
engines Naval Engine electric motors 2006--
engines Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500 2008--
engines Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Olympus 1979--
engines Naval Engine nuclear - pressurised water reactor 2001--
engines Naval Engine propulsion system: CODOG 1979--
engines Naval Engine steam turbines 1946--
missiles Missile Launcher Aster VLS 2008--
missiles Missile Launcher ASW Malafon 1967--
missiles Missile Launcher Crotale SAM 1975--
missiles Missile Launcher Masurca 19672007
missiles Missile Launcher Mk 11 Tartar 1988--
missiles Missile Launcher MM38 Exocet single launcher 1964--
missiles Missile Launcher MM40 Exocet 1979--
missiles Missile Launcher Sadral six cell launcher 1988--
missiles Missile Launcher Simbad twin launcher 1979--
artillery Naval Gun Creusot-Loire 100 mm 1962--
artillery Naval Gun Mod 48 twin 127mm 19591970
artillery Naval Gun Nexter (GIAT) F2 single 20mm 2001--
artillery Naval Gun Oto Melara 76 mm 2008--
artillery Naval Gun single 20 mm 1946--
artillery Naval Gun single 30 mm 1962--
artillery Naval Gun single 40 mm 1965--
artillery Naval Gun twin 57 mm 19591991
artillery Rocket Launcher ASW mortar 375 mm 1962--
artillery Torpedo Launchers L5 torpedo launcher 1979--
artillery Torpedo Launchers single tube 550 mm 1962--
artillery Chaff and decoys AN/SLQ-25 Nixie 1976--
artillery Chaff and decoys Dagaie 1976--
artillery Chaff and decoys Dagaie Mark.2 (AMBL-1B) 1967--
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV 23B 19612000
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV 51 1965--
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-15 Sea Tiger 2001--
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-15C Sea Tiger Mk2 1996--
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-21A Mars 19902015
electronics Naval Radar air search radar DRBV-26 Juptier 1975--
electronics Naval Radar fire direction radar DRBC 31 19612000
electronics Naval Radar fire direction radar DRBC 32 1961--
electronics Naval Radar fire direction radar Thales Arabel 2001--
electronics Naval Radar height finding radar DRBI 10 19612010
electronics Naval Radar long range search S1850M 2008--
electronics Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226 1965--
electronics Naval Radar surface and low level air search radar DRBV50 19612010
electronics Naval Radar air direction radar Type 277 19461973
electronics Naval Radar navigation radar Racal Decca RM 1229 19902015
electronics Naval Radar surface search radar Racal Decca 2459 19902015
electronics Sonar hull mounted and towed sonar AN/SQS-505 19612000
electronics Sonar hull mounted sonar DUBA 25 1976--

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