Calgary International Airport

Calgary , Alberta

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Calgary Police , Alberta 3.9115
Centennial Planetarium , Alberta 8.8213
Springbank Airport , Alberta 24.8267CYBW
Oilfields General Hospital , Alberta 50.8197CFL3
High River Airport , Alberta 65.8168CEN4
Olds / Didsbury Airport , Alberta 66.6354CEA3


51° 6' 50.00'' N     114° 1' 13.00'' W
Calgary, Alberta
Elevation: 3606 feet

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  List of units at Calgary

Years Unit
1985-    STARSH145 / BK117D3, H145 / EC145T2, AW139, Bk117,
1973-    Rilpa Enterprises

  Calgary News

Stars New H145 Arrived to Calgary

Stars New H145 Arrived to Calgary

29-Apr-19 - STARS air ambulance received first two H145/EC145T2 at its Calgary base to serve across Western Canada #Calgary

List of aircraft and events at Calgary

By Date | By Serial | By Model

1982-sep-25 S-55 C-GRXP

1997-oct StoredCanadian Armed Forces CH-136 136272

2002-aug-04 S-55 CF-JTI

2003-may-10 MD520N C-FCPS
2003-aug-30 Evergreen Helicopters 212 N16974

2004-jun-13 MD520N C-FCPS
2004-oct-08 29 Flt AH.1 ZA736
2004-oct-10 S-55 CF-JTI

2005-jun 204 JA9213
2005-jun-19 205A-1 N449RC
2005-aug-13 S-55 CF-JTI

2007-jul-24 407 C-GFCC

2008-may-14 412EP N412MB
2008-may-27 VIH Helicopters Ltd EC135P2 C-FLIE
2008-jul-05 EC130B4 N995PT
2008-dec-05 206L-4 C-FVSU

2009-apr-19 412 N80701
2009-may-13 29 Flt AH.1 XZ340
2009-may-15 Eagle Copters 205A-1 C-GEAG
2009-jul-05 29 Flt /5D AH.1 XW865
2009-jul-20 29 Flt /5A AH.1 ZB671
2009-jul-24 29 Flt /5C AH.1 XW865
2009-aug-03 29 Flt AH.1 ZA736
2009-sep-11 29 Flt AH.1 ZA731
2009-sep-23 29 Flt AH.1 ZB677

2010-feb-14 412EP N514PD
2010-apr-03 S-55 CF-JTI
2010-aug-19 S-61N C-FTIG
2010-aug-31 L R Helicopters NEWS C-FRCG
2010-nov 29 Flt /5 AH.1 ZB671

2011-may-15 HeliQwest 205A-1 C-GFHA
2011-jul-23 L R Helicopters NEWS C-FRCG

2012-apr-11 GSH 412EP C-GMVN
2012-may-30 S-76A C-GHJG
2012-aug-25 ERA Helicopters AW139 N482LA
2012-sep-02 L R Helicopters NEWS C-FTNC
2012-nov-05 GSH 412EP C-GMVN

2013-may-18 Alpine Helicopters 212 C-GIRZ
2013-jun-23 Canadian Armed Forces CH-149 149907
2013-jul-14 VisitingAllied Wings Limited CH-146 C-FYZL

2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08771
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08772
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08775
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08777
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08774
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08773
2014-apr-04 Army CH-47F 08-08776
2014-apr-06 S-76C B-MHG
2014-apr-13 VisitingAllied Wings Limited CH-146 C-FYZT
2014-may-15 Canadian Ambulance Services AW139 C-FGJS
2014-may-21 HeliQwest 205A-1 N386HQ
2014-jul-11 Allied Wings Limited CH-146 C-FYZM
2014-sep-29 Canadian Police EC120B C-FHWC
2014-sep-29 L R Helicopters NEWS C-FRCG
2014-oct-15 Eagle Copters S-76C C-GOEJ

2015-jan-02 Eagle Copters 412EP C-GUNW
2015-jan-02 Eagle Copters S-76C C-GOEP
2015-mar-25 412 C-FPGV
2015-jun-16 S-92A N924PH
2015-jun-16 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
2015-nov-04 Canadian Ambulance Services AW139 C-FGJS

2017-may-02 205A-1 N262HQ

2019-apr-16 STARS H145 C-FLCI
2019-apr-18 STARS H145 C-GKLY
2019-may-15 YHL 407 C-FGYH

2021 TAS S-76C HS-HTL
2021-aug-19 USAF UH-1N 69-6653

2022-apr-27 Alpine Helicopters 212 C-GIRZ
2022-aug-08 Eagle Copters S-76C C-GUKV
2022-dec-08 Canadian Ambulance Services BK117D3 C-FLNK

2023-jan-11 S-76C 4X-BHP
2023-jan-18 Canadian Ambulance Services BK117D3 C-FLNK
2023-mar-03 Canadian Ambulance Services BK117D3 C-FLNK

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