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  • netherlands Groningen Eelde

    Groningen, Groningen



    Satellite and aerial maps of Groningen with nearby locations

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    10.8357 UMC Groningen, Groningen
    30.3268EHDR Drachten, Friesland
    31.2073EHOW Oostwold, Groningen
    32.6115EHST Stadskanaal, Groningen
    43.7144 Emmer-Compascuum, Drenthe
    44.1185EHHO Hoogeveen, Drenthe

    53° 7' 30.00'' N - 6° 34' 59.99'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Groningen

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    By Date | By Serial

    105CPH-NZH 80
    105CBS-4PH-RPZ 01feb09
    206LSE-JJX 08jan07
    300CPH-ATT 01apr10
    330OO-GUN 08oct97
    430N901RL 21feb07
    AB204B03313 / 53 01jul88
    AB206A06051 / 51 01jul88
    AB206B-3G-SELY 01may08
    AB412SPR-01 15jan11
    AB412SPR-02 01may10
    ACH145M-SOLA 23nov20
    AH-64DQ-21 01aug07
    AH.1XZ314 01may88
    AH1XZ180 16jan92
    AH1XZ182 16jan92
    AH1XZ605 16jan92
    AH1ZD282 16jan92
    AS332L2LN-ONI 01jun07
    AS350B2G-SHRD 07aug15
    AS550C2P-254 06nov12
    AS550C2P-339 06nov12
    AS550C2P-369 06nov12
    AW109SHB-ZHP 26jun11
    AW139PH-PXZ 01nov09
    BETAOO-DBW 08oct97
    BK117B1D-HSFB 07may11
    CH-47CZD983 / DG 01oct08
    CH-47DZD983 / DG 01oct08
    EC120BF-HFLB 29jul07
    EC120BOK-AMS 14apr18
    EC135P2D-HHIT 27oct06
    EC135P2D-HSAN 20jun04 13jun05 01may07 01feb08 22sep09
    EC135P2+PH-MMT 29jun10 11feb11 12oct15 28jul17 14aug19
    EC135P2+PH-PXA 02nov14
    EC135P2+PH-PXE 28apr11
    EC135P3PH-DOC 13dec19 20may20
    EC135T2PH-EMS 22dec11
    EC135T2PH-ULP 06dec12
    EC135T2+F-HFOM 02aug08
    EC135T2+PH-MAA 01aug07 01apr10
    EC155B1PH-EQU 10dec07
    EC225LPA4O-HD 28aug14
    EC725R2 2778 / SI 19jul13
    H145PH-OOP 20apr20
    HC.4ZF115 14jun11
    HC.4ZF118 13mar14
    HC.4ZF122 / VU 17dec11
    HC.4ZG820 / I 01mar08
    kv-107ii-16 hkp4c04068 / 68 04jul88
    MD900LX-HMS 01jul07
    MD902PH-SHF 06jun03
    MK25265 04jul07
    MK512M-507 01apr08 05nov08
    MK81283 28feb11
    NFHN-110 11jun10
    NFHN-227 29jun12
    R44PH-UUB 14jul07
    S-76BPH-NZS 01apr09
    S61N.MK2EC-FTB 24sep11
    S61N.MK2EC-FVO 13mar12
    S61N.MK2EC-FZJ 27jun09
    SA330EXW207 / CD 08sep84
    SA330EXW209 jun85
    SA330EXW209 / CF 01jun85
    SA330EXW210 10sep09
    SA330EXW212 18mar96
    SA330EXW232 05oct97
    SA330EXW237 / CR 19jun85
    SA330EZA940 / CY 01may85
    SA330HZJ954 01feb10
    SA365NF-GNLT 30jun07
    SE3160A-227 19may86
    SE3160A-293 16sep89
    SE3160A-301 10sep08
    SE3160A-350 19may86
    SE3160A-351 19may86
    SE3160A-390 16sep89
    SE3160A-398 19may86
    SE3160A-499 19may86
    SE3160H-20 08jun92
    UH-1D70+78 26apr92
    UH-60A87-24583 01oct07

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