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Bardufoss, Troms


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59.4218 Ose, Troms
71.3011ENTC Tromso, Troms
72.0013 Tromsø helikopterplass, Troms
77.7248 E of Harstad, Troms
83.0214ENNK Narvik - Framnes, Nordland
94.0092EFEK Kilpisjärvi Heliport, Lappi

69° 3' 22'' N - 18° 32' 19'' E
1.5 nm W of Bardufoss
Elevation: 260 feet

History of this Location

Bardufoss Lufthavn is a largely civilian airport in the north of Norway, within the Arctic Circle just southwest of Tromso. It is owned by Avinor (the Norwegian Airports Authority). It is also shared by the air squadron of the Kystvakt (Norwegian Coastguard).

On 15 Feb 2019, the UK MoD presented the Norwegian Government with Sea King HC.4 ZE427/K as a Gate Guardian, to mark 50 years since the commencement of the annual UK Exercise Clockwork, where British Forces deploy to Norway, as part of its commitment to the NATO Northern Flank.

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List of units at Bardufoss

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2020UK 847NASAW159 Wildcat AH1 2013/   
1982/    337 skvadronNH90 NFH 2011/   
Lynx mk86 1982/14
1963/    339 skvadron412 1987/   
UH-1B Iroquois 1963/89

Bardufoss News

Merlin in Norway for Exercise Clockwork, 09-Mar-19 : #WinterTraining Royal Navy’ 845 Naval Air Squadron Mk3A Merlin helicopters in Norway for Commando Helicopter Force annual winter training during arctic exercise Clockwork

Wildcat and Apache in Norway for Exercise Clockwork, 09-Mar-19 : #WinterTraining Royal Navy’ 847 Naval Air Squadron Wildcats and Apaches from AAC 656 Squadron in Norway for annual winter training during arctic NATO exercise Clockwork

Patria To Perform Maintenance of Norwegian NH90, 26-Apr-17 : Patria wins 2-years contract to supply on-aircraft maintenance for the Norwegian NH90 helicopters covering phase and calendar inspections and associated repairs

Wildcats for the First Time in Arctic Training, 10-Mar-16 : Royal Marines 847 Naval Air Squadron new Wildcats AH.1 helicopters, part of Commando Helicopter Force, spent six weeks in Norway for the first time in arctic conditions


20-feb-78Exercise Arctic Express 78

List of aircraft and events at Bardufoss

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By Date | By Serial

1978-feb UK Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW207
1978-feb UK Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW231
1978-feb UK Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX378
1998-jun-28 Lynx mk86237
2003-may-31 412SP149
2003-nov-28 Sea King HC.4ZG820 / A
2004-jan-04 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX380 /
2004-jan-26 Lynx AH1XZ182
2004-jan-26 Lynx AH1XZ182
2004-jan-26 Sea King HC.4ZG820 / A
2004-feb-13 CH-47C ChinookZD984
2004-mar-12 Mi-8T Hip-CHS-11
2005-jun-26 Lynx mk86235
2006-feb-05 Sea King HC.4ZG820 / A
2006-mar-04 SA330E PumaXW229
2011-jan UK Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZA314
2019-feb UK Royal MarinesAW159 Wildcat AH1ZZ384
2019-feb UK Royal MarinesAW159 Wildcat AH1ZZ386
2019-feb UK Royal MarinesAW159 Wildcat AH1ZZ527
2019-feb-15 Gate GuardianUK Fleet Air ArmSea King HC.4ZE427
2019-mar UK Fleet Air ArmEH101 Mk.512ZK001

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