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  • gabon Leon M'Ba

    Libreville, Estuaire


    Satellite and aerial maps of Libreville with nearby locations

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    51.6349FGCO Corisco, Litoral
    150.2209FOOG Port Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime
    159.1144FOGR Lambarene, Moyen-Ogooué
    166.7015FGBT Bata, Litoral
    225.0052FGMY Mengomeyen, Wele-Nzas
    226.7184FOOH Omboue Airport, Ogooué-Maritime

    0° 27' 30.96'' N - 9° 24' 44.21'' E
    Elevation: 39 feet

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    Libreville News

    Marine Ospreys Test Forward-Staging in Gabon, 23-Jun-15 : Four MV-22 Ospreys, two KC-130J Hercules tankers and almost 200 US Marines and sailors have effectively relocated to half of a continent away from their base in Moròn, Spain


    15-sep-1715-oct-17Exercise Tropical Storm

    List of aircraft and events at Libreville

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    1973 Force Aérienne Gabonaise SA330C TR-KCA
    2017-sep Force Aérienne Belge A109BA H22
    2017-sep Aviation Légère de la Force Terrestre A109BA H27
    2017-sep-11 Force Aérienne Belge TTH RN05
    2017-sep-11 1 Wing TTH RN07

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