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Camp Springs, Maryland


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12.5299DC03 USPP Eagles Nest Heliport, District of Columbia
13.4285KBOF Bolling AFB, District of Columbia
13.4255 Gaylord National Convention Center, Maryland
13.5291 NSF Anacostia, District of Columbia
15.5287KDCA Washington National, District of Columbia
16.9303 Ronald Reagan Building, District of Columbia

1945 to present

38° 48' 38.88'' N - 76° 52' 0.83'' W
Camp Springs, Maryland
Elevation: 280 feet

History of this Location

Created as Camp Springs Army Air Field during WWII and known as Andrews Air Force Base for most of its history, it was renamed Joint Base Andrews in 2009.

Andrews is widely known for serving as home of the Air Force One and other USAF VIP aircraft but is also base for National Guard fighters and a Naval Air Facility ( NAF Washington ).

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List of units at Andrews AFB

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1975/78459th ASUH-1N 1975/91
1975Soaring Eagles206 1973/   
1969/    1st HSS-61 H-3 1970/88
UH-1N 1970/   
TH-1F Iroquois 1969/70

Andrews AFB News

Latin American Cadets Visits USAF 1st HS, 26-Nov-18 : #Cadets Cadets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru make a tour to the US Air Force 1st Helicopter Squadron at Andrews AFB, MD. The unit is charge of VIP transport in Washington DC area and expects to replace their UH-1N for MH-139 in coming years

USAF VIP UH-1N Recovered F-16 Ejected Pilot, 15-Apr-17 : USAF’s 1st Helicopter Squadron UH-1N Huey from Andrews AFB, normally involved in VIP duties, recovered the downed pilot during the F-16 Fighting Falcon crash incident

List of aircraft and events at Andrews AFB

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By Date | By Serial

1976-may-17 US Marine CorpsVH-3D Sea King159360
1979-sep US Air ForceCH-3C62-12578
1980-apr US Air ForceUH-1N69-7538
1981 US Air ForceCH-3C65-12793
1985-mar-01 206B-2 Jet RangerN49662
1991-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6636
1991-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6657
1991-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6658
1991-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6661
1991-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6669
1991-may-19 US Coast GuardHH-60J Jayhawk6008
1996 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6642
2004-may-14 MV-22B Osprey165942 / 02
2004-may-15 SA365N1 Dauphin 2N97MD
2005-may-22 HH-60J Jayhawk6042 / 164826
2006-may-19 HH-65 Dolphin6523
2006-may-19 S-92N492SA
2006-may-19 SA365N1 Dauphin 2N97MD
2006-may-20 HH-60J Jayhawk6028
2006-jul-01 UH-1N69-7536
2007-may-18 CH-46F157683
2007-may-18 CV-22B Osprey04-0027
2008-may-16 AB139N140HS
2008-may-17 CH-46D153980 / MQ
2008-may-17 CH-46F157682
2008-may-17 CH-53E Super Stallion165503 / MS-49
2008-may-17 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163795
2008-may-17 UH-1N69-6656 / 56
2008-may-18 SH-60F Oceanhawk164800 / AB-610
2008-may-18 UH-1N158561 / WG-33
2008-sep-27 accidentState of MarylandSA365N1 Dauphin 2N92MD
2008-oct US Air ForceUH-1N69-6630
2009-may-01 CH-46F157682
2009-may-15 AB139N140HS
2009-may-17 MH-53E Sea Dragon164864 / BJ-547
2009-may-17 MH-60L Black Hawk95-26634
2010-apr-01 SA365N1 Dauphin 2NA-102
2010-may-15 MH-60S Seahawk167844
2010-may-15 UH-1N69-6633
2010-may-16 CH-53E Super Stallion165503 / MS-49
2010-may-16 HH-65 Dolphin6563
2010-may-16 MH-60S Seahawk167834
2011-may-20 CH-53E Super Stallion165347 / MT-02
2011-may-21 AH-1W Super Cobra164576 / CA-20
2011-may-21 AW139MN212YS
2011-may-21 HH-60G Pave Hawk92-26464 / FT
2011-may-21 UH-1N69-6604
2011-may-21 UH-1N69-7536
2011-may-22 CH-46F154847 / MQ-438
2012-may US Army AviationAH-64D Apache03-5379
2012-may US Air ForceUH-1N69-6667
2012-may US Army AviationUH-72A Lakota08-72057
2012-may-18 HH-60G Pave Hawk91-26356
2012-may-18 MV-22B Osprey166685
2012-may-20 CH-46F157673
2012-sep US Air ForceUH-1N69-6654
2014-jan US Air ForceUH-1N69-6659
2015 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6661
2017-apr-13 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6659
2019-aug US Air ForceUH-1N158277,?

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