Horsham Air Guard Station / Willow Grove NAS JRB Airport

Willow Grove , Pennsylvania

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Satellite and aerial maps of NAS JRB Willow Grove with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Lansdale Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 11.929995PN
Doylestown Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 12.13599PS3
Wings Field , Pennsylvania 12.1235KLOM
Doylestown , Pennsylvania 15.0008KDYL
Mercy Suburban Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 15.72447PN3
Carson Heliport , Pennsylvania 15.93380PA9

  NAS JRB Willow Grove

1926 to present

40° 12' 0.00'' N     75° 8' 53.52'' W
6km NW of Willow Grove, PA, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Elevation: 358 feet

Site was originally Willow Grove plant, where Pitcairn built autogiros in 1930s.
Along present Pennsylvania Air and Army National Guard, the US Navy operated the base as Naval Air Station JRB Willow Grove between 1943 and 2011 for both Navy and Marines reserve units. The Navy performed the Final Flight ceremony on March 30, 2011 and the base was renamed Horsham Air Guard Station

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  List of units at NAS JRB Willow Grove

Years Unit
1979/95HS-75S-70 H-60,
1972/01HMH-772S-80 H-53E, RH-53D, S-65 H-53,
1958/70HMH-772S-65 H-53, S-58 H-34,
Pennsylvania National Guard

List of aircraft and events at NAS JRB Willow Grove

1981 USMC CH-53A 152393

1992 Army UH-1B 62-1920

2001-sep HMH-772 CH-53E 165347

2006-aug-09 CH-53E 165345 / MT-404
2006-aug-09 CH-53E 165347 / MT-408

2017-feb Army UH-1B 62-1920

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