usa Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Seven Five

US Navy

HS-75 : Emerald Knights
United States Naval Aviation

1970 to 2007    


Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Seven Five
Established June 1, 1970, Emerald Knights have been stationed at NAS Lakehurst, NAS Willow Grove and NAS Jacksonville. The squadron has flown the SH-3D, SH-3G, SH-3H, UH-3H, SH-60F and HH-60H helicopters. At the time of closure had six SH-60F Seahawks. Disestablished March 1st, 2007

1972, When I was there we actually had some SH-3A models
1979, the squadron moved from Lakehurst to Willow Grove that summer. When graduating a school I had put in for hs75 @ Lakehurst but when my orders came in it was for Willow Grove. I reported there in Aug of 79.
1980-1984, I was at NAS Willow Grove with HS-75 Flying SH-3D ... Great Command!!
1995, HS-75 had moved to NAS Jacksonville by the time I joined the command in mid 1995

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1995/07NAS JacksonvilleKNIP
1979/95NAS JRB Willow GroveKNXX
1970/79NAS LakehurstKNEL


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1970/??S-61 H-3
??/07S-70 H-60

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