usa Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772

US Marine Corps

HMH-772 :

1958 to present    


Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772 US Marine Corps

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772
Hustler, tail code MT:
1958 - Helicopter Transport Squadron 772 (HMR-772)
1962 - Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 772 (HMM-772)
1971 - Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772 (HMH-772).
      1980-1983 Det.A formed from HMH-769
      1980 - Det.B formed from HMH-777

1980-1995 the squadron operated the RH-53D

Feb78-Jun91, served with HMH-772. Reserve and Active Duty (FTS). Not sure if its the same squadron
1981-1983, Was stationed at NAS Dallas and the aircraft had HMH-777 on them. I was on the NATO cruise in 1982 when we lost a/c 402 in the North Sea. We also had 405 on board the USS Guadalcanal, which was damaged after being overloaded and attempting to take off. The left main landing gear was damaged and it was stored on the hangar deck for a time. 402 was lost with all hands, pilot Capt. William H. "Sonny" Coke, co-pilot Capt. James B.Huff, crew chief SSgt. Gary J. Lester, first mech Sgt. Timothy A. Creighton, and our chaplain Cdr. David R. Morrison. I have a memorial scholarship for them, .
The unit still had CH-53As when I left in 1985, Bob Johnson
1991, We transitioned to D models in Okinawa, Cpl PW May
end of '93-early '94 a crew went to Norfolk to do the acceptance inspections, and then the acft were flown back to Willow Grove

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News of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772

HMH-772 surpasses 40,000 mishap-free flight hours, 09-Mar-13 : ALEXANDRIA REGIONAL AIRPORT, La. -- Marines of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772 reached a milestone by surpassing 40,000 Class A mishap-free flight hours Feb. 1, 2013, transiting from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., to San Antonio.

Marines HMH-772 arrive at JB MDL, 25-Mar-11 : Helicopters attached to the Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772 officially touched down at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst March 18.


2011/    Wrightstown / McGuire AFB / Dix LakehurstKWRI
2001/11NAS LakehurstKNEL
1995/97MCAS New RiverKNCA
1972/01NAS JRB Willow GroveKNXX
1970/72NAS LakehurstKNEL
1958/70NAS JRB Willow GroveKNXX


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1995/    S-80 H-53E
1993/95US Navy RH-53D
1970/95S-65 H-53
1958/71S-58 H-34

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