Del'd: 180 - 1979 to present


US Marine Corps S-80 H-53E

1964 - Twin Engine Sikorsky S-65 H-53A/D

1974 - Three engine Sikorsky S-80 :

BuNos 159121-159122 : YCH-53E prototypes
BuNos 161179-161184 : CH-53E Super Stallion
BuNos 161252-161265 : CH-53E and US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon
BuNos 161381-161394 : CH-53E
BuNos 161395 : MH-53E
BuNos 161532-161545 : CH-53E
BuNos 161988-162012 : CH-53E
BuNos 162478-162496 : CH-53E
BuNos 162497-162498 : MH-53E
BuNos 162499-162502 : CH-53E
BuNos 162503-162516 : MH-53E
BuNos 162517-162526 : CH-53E
BuNos 162527-162531 : MH-53E
BuNo 162687 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 162718-162720 : CH-53E
BuNos 163051-163089 : CH-53/MH-53
BuNos 164358-164367 : CH-53E
BuNos 164468-164371 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 164470-164482 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 164536-164539 : CH-53E
BuNos 164764-164773 : MH-53E
BuNos 164774-164775 : cancelled MH-53E
BuNos 164776-164791 : CH-53E
BuNos 164792-164795 : MH-53E
BuNos 164859-164860 : CH-53E
BuNos 164861-164864 : MH-53E
BuNos 165243-165254 : CH-53E
BuNos 165344-165347 : CH-53E
BuNos 165651 : CH-53E

2007 - The USMC received MH-53E as well

2014 - CH-53K

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Super Stallions Get Service at FRCSW, 24-May-17 : Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) at NAS North Island, CA maintained and repaired CH-53E Super Stallion still in service with the US Navy and Marines

HMH-462 Super Stallions in Mountain Exercise, 04-Feb-17 : U.S. Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron HMH-462 “Heavy Haulers” conducted cold weather training at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) in Bridgeport, California

Marines to Repair 147 CH-53E in 3 Years, 10-Aug-16 : The Super Stallion Independent Readiness Review (SSIRR) led to a 110-day strip-rebuild process for each of the 147 CH-53E at New River, Miramar and Kaneohe Bay over the next 3 years

Exercise Chura-Shima Rescue 2016, 21-Jul-16 : US Marines HMH-361 CH-53E Super Stallions participated with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) and Okinawa emergency services in Exercise Chura-Shima Rescue 2016

Marine Super Stallion Cold Reponse Exercise in Norway, 19-Feb-16 : Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron HMH-464 (Reinforced) moved CH-53E Super Stallion and 4 AH-1W Super Cobra in C-5 Galaxy to Norway in preparation for Exercise Cold Response 2016

Erickson Delivers Tail Pylons for US Marine Corps CH-53E, 17-Dec-15 : Erickson, global provider of aviation services, announce completion of its fourth delivery of aircraft tail pylons for the U.S. Marine Corps Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters

HMH-361 Prepare for Land and Sea Operations, 04-Dec-15 : US Marines with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron HMH-361 “Flying Tigers” conducted section Confined Area Landings (section CALs) and Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLPs) drills

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