Del'd: 180 - 1979 to present


US Marine Corps S-80 H-53E

1964 - Twin Engine Sikorsky S-65 H-53A/D

1974 - Three engine Sikorsky S-80 :

BuNos 159121-159122 : YCH-53E prototypes
BuNos 161179-161184 : CH-53E Super Stallion
BuNos 161252-161265 : CH-53E and US Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon
BuNos 161381-161394 : CH-53E
BuNos 161395 : MH-53E
BuNos 161532-161545 : CH-53E
BuNos 161988-162012 : CH-53E
BuNos 162478-162496 : CH-53E
BuNos 162497-162498 : MH-53E
BuNos 162499-162502 : CH-53E
BuNos 162503-162516 : MH-53E
BuNos 162517-162526 : CH-53E
BuNos 162527-162531 : MH-53E
BuNo 162687 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 162718-162720 : CH-53E
BuNos 163051-163089 : CH-53/MH-53
BuNos 164358-164367 : CH-53E
BuNos 164468-164371 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 164470-164482 : cancelled CH-53E
BuNos 164536-164539 : CH-53E
BuNos 164764-164773 : MH-53E
BuNos 164774-164775 : cancelled MH-53E
BuNos 164776-164791 : CH-53E
BuNos 164792-164795 : MH-53E
BuNos 164859-164860 : CH-53E
BuNos 164861-164864 : MH-53E
BuNos 165243-165254 : CH-53E
BuNos 165344-165347 : CH-53E
BuNos 165651 : CH-53E

2007 - The USMC received MH-53E as well

2014 - CH-53K

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M/CH-53 Rotor Head Production at FRCE, 12-Mar-20 : #FRCE Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) at MCAS Cherry Point in partnership with Sikorsky produce and repair H-53 helicopter rotor heads

FRCE Produces CH-53 Part to Fill Supply Gaps, 09-Feb-20 : #FRCE US Navy Fleet Readiness Center East (FRCE) manufacturing department stepped in and produced an H-53 part when supply system shortfalls led to a work stoppage on two helicopters

Landing Support Specialist Course at Camp Lejeune, 05-Dec-19 : #Course US Marine Corps’ Basic Landing Support Specialist Course class learn how to perform in a helicopter support team (HST) at Condor Range at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

Air Assault Company of a Marine Expeditionary Unit, 30-Jul-19 : #AirAssault A review of the Air Assault Company part of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (31st MEU) deployed aboard the USS Wasp (LHD 1) for exercise Talisman Sabre 2019 in the Coral Sea off the Australian coast

Marines’ CH-53E Reaches One Million Flight Hours, 10-Jul-19 : #SuperStallion The CH-53E Super Stallion fleet operated by the US Marine Corps logged more than one million flight hours since entered service in 1981. 142 of them remain in service and are all scheduled to be replace by the new CH-53K by 2032

$717 Million Contract for CH/MH-53E Support, 05-Nov-18 : #H53E Sikorsky awarded $717 million contract fo performance-based logistics of Marines CH-53E Super Stallion and Navy MH-53E Sea Dragon fleets

Super Stallions Get Service at FRCSW, 24-May-17 : Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW) at NAS North Island, CA maintained and repaired CH-53E Super Stallion still in service with the US Navy and Marines

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