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  • usa Marine Helicopter Training Squadron 301

    US Marine Corps

    HMT-301 :

    1966 to 2005    


    Marine Helicopter Training Squadron 301
    Windwalkers, tail code SU

    1966-1968 : HMMT-301
    1968-1972 : HMHT-301
    1972-1995 : HMT-301

    1995-2005 : HMT-301

    Mid68-Dec70, I was with HMHT-301. I was there when we lost a great team of Marines on a test flight 20mar69. A group of us stood guard over the crash site as volunteers overnight. Still have dreams about that time. We had some of the best pilots. Later I served with them in Vietnam in 1971
    Sgt Thom. I also was at HMHT 301 when we lost one of are 53's in a crash in the orange groves. I also stood guard over night. Lost a good friend that day. I went to HMH 463 in Vietnam in 1971. Once again we lost a Great group of guys there when a 53D was shot down.
    1973-76, PFC Rick Evans HMT-301, S1 Worked for Staff Sargent Cooper and Lt Robert E Walton Jr. I heard he was killed trying to rescue the Iranian hostages - I was stationed there when they filmed the Hindenburg with George C Scott.
    1975-77, I was the supply officer for this unit. Good unit, very safe, trained many new pilots P.A. Petre Lt USMCR Aviation Supply Officer 3060
    1979-80, worked in the S-3 section. Last 6 months of my enlistment as Ops Chief. Sgt R.L. BAYER
    1980-81, I was there when we had a 53 fall from the sky into the water and the aircrew swam away to fly that aircraft again. SGT David A. Keck
    1980-1984 QA/CDI served with SGT Keck and was on sight for the incident at Dana Point. I have a lot of great memory's this was a great squadron. I worked with some real pros and the best Commanding Officers COL A. C. Blades SGT J.T. Derwin USMC
    Aug94 I was the GSE rep and plank owner when we stood up HMT-301 again. I remember walking into the hangar, we had 5 birds CH-53D models and only 8 of up shop NCOIC's. A lot of work for us to stand up the squadron from scratch but it was well worth it. We trained some GREAT pilots for the fleet. Sgt R.T. Czajkowski (Ski)USMC/6072

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    1995/05MCAS Kaneohe Bay PHNG
    1966/93MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin KNTK


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    1995/05S-65 H-53
    1983/93S-80 H-53E
    1972/93107M H-46 Sea Knight
    1968/93S-65 H-53
    1966/68S-58 H-34

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