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  • 1995    

    Landing Ship/Platform Dock Harpers Ferry class

    Whidbey Island subclass with more cargo space instead of landing craft making it closer to a LPD type


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    19600full load (tn)
    185.80length (m)
    26beam (m)
    5.94draught (m)
    24max speed (knots)
    33000power (shp)
    2Missile Launcher Mk 49 21-cell RAM
    2Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm
    2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm


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        Typical Max
    Landing platform only. No hangar
    US USMC Sikorsky S-80 H-53E 03

    The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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    US Avondale Shipyard - 4

    List of Ships

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    USUS NavyLSD-49USS Harpers FerryNACP1995--
    USUS NavyLSD-50USS Carter HallNGDT1995--
    USUS NavyLSD-51USS Oak Hill1996--
    USUS NavyLSD-52USS Pearl Harbor1998--

    4 units


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    1988-jun-17OrderedUS LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry
    1989-dec-22OrderedUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall
    1991-mar-27OrderedUS LSD-51 USS Oak Hill
    1991-apr-15Laid downUS LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry
    1991-nov-11Laid downUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall
    1992-sep-21Laid downUS LSD-51 USS Oak Hill
    1993-jan-16LaunchedUS LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry
    1993-oct-2LaunchedUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall
    1993-oct-12OrderedUS LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor
    1994-jun-11LaunchedUS LSD-51 USS Oak Hill
    1995-jan-7CommissionedUS LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry
    1995-jan-27Laid downUS LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor
    1995-sep-30CommissionedUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall
    1996-feb-24LaunchedUS LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor
    1996-jun-8CommissionedUS LSD-51 USS Oak Hill
    1998-may-30CommissionedUS LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor
    1999-oct-9DeploymentUS LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor San Francisco Fleet Week 1999 Present for Fleet Week 1999.
    2011-marDeploymentUS LSD-49 USS Harpers Ferry Operation Tomodachi - Tohoku Earthquake Relief Contributed to Earthquake and Tsunami relief operations off Japanese east coast.
    2011-aug-10US LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor 11th MEU 2011-08
    2017-sep-9US LSD-51 USS Oak Hill Hurricanes Irma, Jose and Maria Relief Operations in route to the US Virgin Islands for Hurricane Irma relief support
    2021-feb-12DeploymentUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall departed NS Norfolk for 6 month deployment with Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group. Returned to Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek on 7 Oct.
    2021-apr-17Port VisitUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall part of Iwo Jima ARG, arrrived in HMNB Devonport, for long weekend with part of 24 MEU.
    2022-feb-21US LSD-52 USS Pearl Harbor 11th MEU 2022-2
    2022-sep-7Port VisitUS LSD-50 USS Carter Hall Baltimore Fleet Week at the Port Covington anchorage

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