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  • US CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

    Close-In Weapon System


    • Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

    Last line of defense against air attacks, R2D2 was first tested in 1973 and introduced into service in 1980. Since then, all types of ships has been retroffited to carry at least one of them


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    20caliber (mm)
    4500Rate of fire (round/min)
    1.50range (km)

    Used by

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    0UK Aircraft Carrier V STOL Queen Elizabeth class3
    1961US Assault Carrier Iwo Jima class2
    1964US Support Ship Sacramento class2
    1965UK Landing Ship/Platform Dock Fearless class2
    1965US Aircraft Carrier America (1965) class3
    1965US Coast Guards Hamilton class1
    1968US Aircraft Carrier John F Kennedy class3
    1968US Support Ship Kilauea class1
    1969US Support Ship Wichita class2
    1969CA Support Ship Protecteur class2
    1970US Command ship Blue Ridge class1
    1973JP Helicopter Carrier Haruna class2
    1975US Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Nimitz class4
    1975US Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry class1
    1976JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Tachikaze class2
    1976US Assault Carrier Tarawa class2
    1980AU Guided-Missile Frigate Adelaide class1
    1980UK Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 42 (Batch 3)2
    1980UK Aircraft Carrier V STOL Invincible class3
    1981US Guided-Missile Destroyer Kidd class2
    1981US Support Ship Cimarron class2
    1983US Guided-Missile Cruiser Ticonderoga class2
    1985US Landing Ship/Platform Dock Whidbey Island class2
    1986JP Destroyer Asagiri class2
    1986US Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Improved Nimitz class4
    1986JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Hatakaze class2
    1989US Assault Carrier Wasp class3
    1989JP Frigate Abukuma class1
    1990PT Frigate Vasco da Gama class1
    1991US Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight I class2
    1991CA Guided-Missile Destroyer Iroquois TRUMP class1
    1992UK Support Ship Fort II class (1992)2
    1992GR Frigate Hydra class2
    1992CA Frigate City class1
    1993JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Kongo class2
    1993TW Guided-Missile Frigate Cheng Kung class1
    1993IL Corvette Sa'ar 5-class1
    1994TH Frigate Phutthayotfa Chulalok class1
    1995US Landing Ship/Platform Dock Harpers Ferry class2
    1996JP Destroyer Murasame class2
    1998JP Landing Ship/Platform Dock Osumi class2
    1998UK Assault Carrier Ocean class3
    2003UK Support Ship Wave class2
    2003JP Destroyer Takanami class2
    2006UK Landing Ship/Platform Dock Bay class2
    2007JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Atago class2
    2008US Coast Guards National Security Cutter1
    2009JP Helicopter Carrier Hyuga class2
    2012UK Support Ship Tide class2
    2012JP Destroyer Akizuki 2010 class2
    2013KR Frigate Incheon class1
    2014US Assault Carrier America (2014) class2
    2017AU Guided-Missile Destroyer Hobart class1
    2017US Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Ford class2
    2018JP Destroyer Asahi class2
    2019TH Guided-Missile Frigate Adulyade class1
    2020JP Guided-Missile Destroyer Maya class2
    2022UK Frigate Type 26 class2


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    1980-apr US USS America CV-66 Aircraft Carrier America (1965) class 3x CIWS fitted during refit
    1989 UK HMS Fearless L10 Landing Ship/Platform Dock Fearless class refit at HMD Devonport, including replacement of guns and her 4x quadruple Seacat launchers for new 20mm and Phalanx CIWS. Completed 1991.
    1990 UK HMS Edinburgh D97 Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 42 (Batch 3) included addition of a pair of Phalanx CIWS, completed 1991
    1999 UK RFA Fort George A388 Support Ship Fort II class (1992) fitted with Phalanx CIWS
    1999-feb-1 UK RFA Fort Victoria A387 Support Ship Fort II class (1992) refit at Babcocks, until Jun 1999, fitted with Phalanx CIWS
    2017-mar UK HMS Albion L14 Landing Ship/Platform Dock Albion class Received 2 sets of Phalanx to replace Goalkeeper. Rejoined the Fleet after refit on 21 Jul.
    2018 UK RFA Wave Knight A389 Support Ship Wave class Completed refit in Dec 2018, with Phalanx now fitted to the previously provided mount stations, fore and aft.

    In Service

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    UK Royal Navy
    US US Navy
    US US Coast Guard
    BD Bangladesh Navy
    RP Philippine Navy
    NG Nigerian Navy
    VN Vietnam Coast Guard
    LK Sri Lanka Navy
    CA Canadian Armed Forces
    JP Japanese Navy
    PL Polish Navy
    EG Egyptian Navy
    TR Turkish Navy
    BH Royal Bahrain Naval Force
    AU Royal Australian Navy
    PT Portuguese Navy
    UK Royal Fleet Auxiliary
    GR Hellenic Navy
    IL Israeli Navy
    TW Republic of China Navy (Taiwan)
    TH Royal Thai Navy
    BR Brazilian Navy
    KR Republic of Korea Navy

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