JP Takanami class


JP Murasame class



Destroyer Takanami class

Derivatives / Succeeded by
2012 JP Akizuki 2010 class
2018         JP Asahi class


4650light (tn)
5300full load (tn)
151length (m)
17.40beam (m)
5.30draught (m)
30max speed (knots)
60000power (shp)

2Naval Engine gas turbine - General Electric LM2500
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce Spey

1Missile Launcher Mk 41 VLS
8Missile Launcher SSM-1 Type 90

1Naval Gun Otobreda 127 mm
2Close-In Weapon System CIWS Phalanx 20 mm

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
JP JMSDF Mitsubishi SH-60K Seahawk 11


JP Mitsubishi Nagasaki - 5

  List of Ships

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2003--JPJMSDFDD 110JDS TakanamiJSTN
2003--JPJMSDFDD 111JDS Onami
2004--JPJMSDFDD 112JDS Makinami
2005--JPJMSDFDD 113JDS Sazanami
2006--JPJMSDFDD 114JDS Suzunami
2012--JPJMSDFDD-115Akizuki 2010 class JS Akizuki
2013--JPJMSDFDD-116Akizuki 2010 class JS Teruzuki
2014--JPJMSDFDD-117Akizuki 2010 class JS SuzutsukiJSLN
2014--JPJMSDFDD-118Akizuki 2010 class JS Fuyuzuki
2018--JPJMSDFDD 119Asahi class JDS AsahiJSUP
2019--JPJMSDFDD 120Asahi class JDS Shiranui

11 units


2000-apr-25Laid downLaid down JP DD 110 JDS Takanami
2000-may-17Laid downLaid down JP DD 111 JDS Onami
2001-jul-17Laid downLaid down JP DD 112 JDS Makinami
2001-jul-26LaunchedLaunched JP DD 110 JDS Takanami
2001-sep-20LaunchedLaunched JP DD 111 JDS Onami
2002-apr-04Laid downLaid down JP DD 113 JDS Sazanami
2002-aug-08LaunchedLaunched JP DD 112 JDS Makinami
2003-mar-12CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 110 JDS Takanami
2003-mar-13CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 111 JDS Onami
2003-aug-29LaunchedLaunched JP DD 113 JDS Sazanami
2003-sep-24Laid downLaid down JP DD 114 JDS Suzunami
2004-mar-18CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 112 JDS Makinami
2004-aug-26LaunchedLaunched JP DD 114 JDS Suzunami
2005-feb-16CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 113 JDS Sazanami
2006-feb-16CommissionedCommissioned JP DD 114 JDS Suzunami
2007-sep-04DeploymentDeployment JP DD 111 JDS Onami Exercise Malabar 07-2 Participated in multi-national exercise in Bay of Bengal, until 9 Sep.
2013-oct-03Port VisitPort Visit JP DD 112 JDS Makinami International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
2016-nov-16Port VisitPort Visit JP DD 110 JDS Takanami International Naval Review: RNZN 75th Anniversary entered Auckland as part of flotilla to celebrate 75th Anniversary of RNZN
2018-aug-22DeploymentDeployment JP DD 112 JDS Makinami SNMG1 Part of Japanese Training Squadron exercising in the Baltic with NATO SNMG1 flagship KDM Esbern Snare.

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