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The Marine Spey gas turbine engine was developed by Rolls Royce after experience with the aero-engine Spey, which powered the UK Bucanneer, the UK versions of the McDonnell-Douglas Phantom and the UK Nimrod maritime reconnaisance platform. Although the aero-engine Spey has been around since the late 1950s, the Marine Spey entered service in 1985.

The SM1A Spey developed 12.75MW.

The SM1C Spey developed 18MW.

  Used by

1986JP Hatakaze class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
1986JP Asagiri class destroyer DD 4
1988UK Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class frigate FF 2
1989JP Abukuma class frigate FF 2
1989UK Type 23 Duke class frigate FF 2
1991NL Karel Doorman class frigate FF 2
1995JP Kashima class support ship AO 2
1996JP Murasame class destroyer DD 2
2002NL De Zeven Provinciën class guided-missile destroyer DDG 2
2003JP Takanami class destroyer DD 2
2012JP Akizuki 2010 class destroyer DD 4


1989-dec UK HMS Brave F94 Frigate Type 22 (Batch 2) Boxer class RR SM1A Spey upgraded to RR SM1C Spey Gas Turbines - rather than the Olympus of the rest of the Class.

  In Service

JP Japanese Navy
UK Royal Navy
CL Chilean Navy
BE Belgian Navy
PT Portuguese Navy
NL Royal Netherlands Navy

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