Landing Ship/Platform Dock classes (L)


Amphibious Ships

LST Landing Ship, Tank: Built by hundreds during WWII with the main feature of bow doors and beaching capability to carry and deliver tanks and vehicles shore-to-shore . Only in 1969 a new concept was introduced with the Newport class: In order to gain a sustained speed of 20 knots the traditional bow doors were replaced by a ramp operated over the bow and supported by twin derrick arms.

LSD Landing Ship, Dock: Introduced during WWII to carry landing craft which would them be launched directly from the ships well-deck or dock: a water-side site at which ships tie up in order to discharge and take in smaller crafts and amphibious vehicles expeditiously. Modern LSD docks are big enough to accomodate several Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicles.

LPD Amphibious Transport Dock (sometimes called Landing Platform Dock): Introduced after the Korean War combining the capabilities of ship classes APA (troops transport), AKA (cargo ship) and LSDs. They transport and land troops and vehicles ashore with their landing crafts and helicopters. British Fearless class usage during the Falklands/Malvinas war is a classic example.

Assault Carriers : LPH, LHA, LHD: Flat top decks which carry and land troops mainly using helicopters. Some classes also have a dock combining the LPD capabilities. They could also operate V/STOL aircraft (like the Harrier) in the support role.

Listed separately are Helicopters Carriers ( Non Amphibious Ships ) as Flat top decks which carry helicopters but normally not landing troops.

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1943 USAshland class
1944         usa Casa Grande class
1954                 usa Thomaston class
1969                         usa Anchorage class
1985                                 usa Whidbey Island class
1995                                         usa Harpers Ferry class
1943 UKLST(3) class
1949         india Magar class
1943 USLST-491 class
1962 USRaleigh class
1965         usa Austin class
2006                 usa San Antonio class
1964 UKRound Table class
1981         australia Modified Round Table class
1987         india Magar (1987) class
1965 UKFearless class
2003         united kingdom Albion class
1965 FROuragan class
1990         france Foudre class
1969 USNewport class
1972 JPAtsumi class
1975         japan Miura class
1974 RURopucha class
1974 FRBatral class
1984 DZKalaat Beni class
1987 ITSan Giorgio class
1987 THNormed class
1988 FRBougainville class
1994 GRJason class
1998 ESGalicia Class
1998         netherlands Rotterdam class
2005                 netherlands Improved Rotterdam class
2006                         united kingdom Bay class
1998 JPOsumi class
2000 SGEndurance class
2004 DKAbsalon class
2007 CNtype 071 Yuzhao class
2007 NZCanterbury class
2007 IDMakassar class
2017 USLewis B Puller Class