IT San Giorgio class

Landing Ship/Platform Dock


Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Giorgio class

LPD type ships capable of carrying up to 36 armoured vehicles. The last unit, San Giusto, is slightly different being able to accommodate ab212 helicopters on the vehicle deck


7600full load (tn)
133.30length (m)
20.50beam (m)
5.25draught (m)
4500range (nm)
21max speed (knots)
16800power (shp)

2Naval Engine diesel

2Naval Gun Mark 38 25 mm

1Naval Radar fire direction radar Selenia Orion RTN-10X

helicopter   Aircraft

Typical Max
Landing platform only. No hangar
IT Italian Navy Agusta AS-61 03
IT Italian Navy Agusta AB212 05
IT Italian Navy AW EH101 03


IT Cantiere navale del Muggiano, Lerici - Lerici1
IT Fincantieri Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante3

  List of Ships

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1988--ITItalian NavyL 9892San GiorgioIARG - L9892
1988--ITItalian NavyL 9893San MarcoIARM - L9893
1994--ITItalian NavyL 9894San GiustoIASG - L9894
2014--DZAlgerian National Navy474Kalaat Béni Abbés

4 units


1983-nov-26OrderedOrdered IT L 9892 San Giorgio
1984-mar-05OrderedOrdered IT L 9893 San Marco
1985-mar-26Laid downLaid down IT L 9893 San Marco
1985-may-27Laid downLaid down IT L 9892 San Giorgio
1987-feb-25LaunchedLaunched IT L 9892 San Giorgio postponed from 21 Feb due to bad weather
1987-oct-21LaunchedLaunched IT L 9893 San Marco postponed from 10 Oct due to bad weather
1988-feb-13CommissionedCommissioned IT L 9892 San Giorgio
1988-may-14CommissionedCommissioned IT L 9893 San Marco
1991-mar-01OrderedOrdered IT L 9894 San Giusto
1991-aug-19Laid downLaid down IT L 9894 San Giusto
1992-dec-11DeploymentDeployment IT L 9893 San Marco Departure for Somalia operation Restore Hope
1992-dec-23DeploymentDeployment IT L 9893 San Marco Arrival for Operation Restore Hope
1992-dec-23 IT L 9892 San Giorgio Arrival fo Operation Restore Hope
1993-dec-02LaunchedLaunched IT L 9894 San Giusto postponed from 23 Oct due to industrial action
1994-apr-14CommissionedCommissioned IT L 9894 San Giusto
2011-feb-22DeploymentDeployment IT L 9892 San Giorgio Operation Unified Protector till 8mar2011
2011-jul-27DeploymentDeployment IT L 9894 San Giusto Operation Unified Protector Flagship from 26jul till 31oct2011
2012-jul-25DeploymentDeployment IT L 9894 San Giusto Ceremony of departure for Operation Atalanta
2013DeploymentDeployment IT L 9893 San Marco Nato Flagship in Operation Ocean Shield
2014-jan-24LaunchedLaunched DZ 474 Kalaat Béni Abbés
2014-dec-28 IT L 9892 San Giorgio mv Norman Atlantic Rescue Urgent departed Brindisi and took command of rescue operations during Norman Atlantic fire
2018-feb-01DeploymentDeployment IT L 9894 San Giusto Operation Sophia Flagship from 1feb2018 to 1aug2018 replaced by Landing Ship/Platform Dock San-Marco L 9893
2018-aug-01DeploymentDeployment IT L 9893 San Marco Operation Sophia flagship of the EUNAVFOR MED
2019-mar-26Port VisitPort Visit IT L 9893 San Marco at Venice (It)100° Anniversary foundation Battaglione San Marco (italian Navy Marines)
2020-jul-17 IT L 9892 San Giorgio EUNAVFOR MED IRINI Flagship Operation Irini for EUNAVFORMED wiyh EH101 on board
2020-aug-19DeploymentDeployment IT L 9894 San Giusto ordered to Beirut with EH101 MM81635 on board

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