Landing Ship/Platform Dock Ouragan class

Landing platform docks known as TCD ( Transport de Chalands de Debarquement ) in french service. Replaced by the Foudre class.

    Derivatives / Succeeded by
FR Foudre class 1990


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5800light (tn)
8500full load (tn)
149length (m)
21.50beam (m)
5.40draught (m)
9000range (nm)
17max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine diesel - SEMT Pielstick
2Naval Gun single 30 mm
2Naval Gun single 40 mm
1Naval Radar air search radar DRBV 51
2Naval Radar navigation radar DECCA 1226


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    Typical Max
FR French Navy SA SE3210 Super Frelon 04
FR French Army Light Aviation SNIA SA330 Puma 04
FR French Navy SNIA Alouette III 013
FR French Army Light Aviation SNIA Alouette III 013

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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FR DCNS - Brest - 2

List of Ships

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FRFrench NavyL9021OuraganFBAN19652007
FRFrench NavyL9022OrageFCOR19682007
FRFrench NavyL9011Foudre class FoudreFAFD - FD19902011
CL Chilean Navy LSHD-90 Sargento Aldea 2011--
FRFrench NavyL9012Foudre class SirocoFASI19982015
BR Brazilian Navy G40 NDM Bahia 2015--

4 units


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1962-junLaid downFR L9021 Ouragan
1963-nov-9LaunchedFR L9021 Ouragan
1965-jun-1CommissionedFR L9021 Ouragan
1966-junLaid downFR L9022 Orage
1967-apr-22LaunchedFR L9022 Orage
1968-apr-1CommissionedFR L9022 Orage
1993RefitFR L9022 Orage Simbad twin launcher Received two twin Simbad launchers for Mistral SAMs.
1993RefitFR L9021 Ouragan Simbad twin launcher Received two twin Simbad launchers for Mistral SAMs.
2007-janDecommissionedFR L9021 Ouragan
2007-julDecommissionedFR L9022 Orage

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