france DCNS - Brest

Brest, Bretagne, 29 Finistère

Satellite and aerial maps of DCNS - Brest with nearby locations

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3.3236 Naval Base Brest, Bretagne, 29 Finistère
8.3 30LFRB Brest Guipavas, Bretagne, 29 Finistère
11.5167LFRL Lanvéoc-Poulmic, Bretagne, 29 Finistère
11.7 82 Gorré-Ménez, Bretagne, 29 Finistère
28.9 55LFRJ Landivisiau, Bretagne, 29 Finistère
29.8323 Portsall Rocks, Bretagne, 29 Finistère

48° 23' 2.04'' N - 4° 28' 33.60'' W

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List of ships built at DCNS - Brest

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-Frigate Aquitaine class
1958Destroyer T53 Duperré class
1959Cruiser Colbert class
1961Aircraft Carrier Clemenceau class
1964Helicopter Carrier Jeanne d Arc class
1965Landing Ship/Platform Dock Ouragan class
1967Guided-Missile Destroyer Suffren class
1971Support Ship D Entrecasteaux class
1974Landing Ship/Platform Dock Batral class
1977Support Ship Durance class
1979Destroyer F70 ASW class
1990Landing Ship/Platform Dock Foudre class
2001Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear Powered) Charles de Gaulle class
2006Assault Carrier Mistral class
2012Corvette Gowind class

1956-mar-24FR C611 Colbert Colbert class
1957-dec-21FR R98 Clemenceau Clemenceau class
1958FR D634 La Bourdonnais T53 Duperré class
1958FR D635 Forbin T53 Duperré class
1961-sep-30FR R97 Jeanne d'Arc Jeanne d Arc class
1963-nov-9FR L9021 Ouragan Ouragan class
1965-may-15FR D602 Suffren Suffren class
1967-apr-22FR L9022 Orage Ouragan class
1971FR A757 D Entrecasteaux D Entrecasteaux class
1973-nov-17FR L9030 Champlain Batral class
1973-nov-17FR L9031 Francis Garnier Batral class
1975-sep-6FR A629 Durance Durance class
1976-dec-17FR D640 Georges Leygues F70 ASW class
1978-dec-2FR A607 Meuse Durance class
1978-dec-2FR D641 Dupleix F70 ASW class
1980-may-31FR D642 Montcalm F70 ASW class
1981-may-9FR A608 Var Durance class
1981-nov-17FR D643 Jean de Vienne F70 ASW class
1984SA Boreida Durance class
1984SA Yunbu Durance class
1984-mar-17FR D644 Primauguet F70 ASW class
1985-feb-2FR A630 Marne Durance class
1985-feb-6FR D645 Lamotte-Picquet F70 ASW class
1987-oct-3FR A631 Somme Durance class
1988-mar-19FR D646 Latouche-Treville F70 ASW class
1988-nov-19FR L9011 Foudre Foudre class
1994-may-7FR R91 Charles de Gaulle Charles de Gaulle class
1996-dec-14FR L9012 Siroco Foudre class
2004-oct-6FR L9013 Mistral Mistral class
2005-jul-26FR L9014 Tonnerre Mistral class
2010FR L9015 Dixmude Mistral class
2010-apr-29FR D650 Aquitaine Aquitaine class
2012FR P725 L Adroit Gowind class
2012-oct-18FR D651 Normandie Aquitaine class
2013-sep-18FR D652 Provence Aquitaine class

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