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1984 to present    

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 466 US Marine Corps

Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 466
Wolfpack, tail code YK, established November 30, 1984 as the third Marine CH-53E squadron. Completed staff with acceptance of their 16th Super Stallion from Sikorsky on August 1985.

On August 1990 was the first CH-53E squadron to be deployed in Saudi Arabia for operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm.

On December 1992, 4 CH-53E were deployed to Somalia until March 1993 for operation Restore Hope.

On May 1995, they became the first CH-53E squadron to exceed 30,000 mishap-free flight hours.

On January 2004 they first deployed to Iraq from operation Iraqui Freedom doing several tours until March 2009.

On November 2010 achiveed 80,000 mishap-free flight hours.

On January 2012 they deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom.

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News of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 466

US Marines in Thailand for Cobra Gold 2018, 13-Feb-18 : US Marines Venom and Viper from HMLA-369 along CH-53E from HMH-466 joined 6 partners nations for the 37th edition of the Cobra Gold exercise in Thailand. CG18 runs February 13-23

Marines HMH-466 Training at Night, 23-Sep-15 : During the four-hour training event, Marines with HMH-466 and CLB-1 repeatedly secured, lifted and released a 10,000-pound / 4,535-kgs weight at night, when visibility was at its lowest.


1984/    MCAS MiramarKNKX


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1984/    s-80 H-53E

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for HMH-466
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
65-418 ch-53e 161179 : 1999 as HMH-466 /YK-14
: 2012 as HMH-466 /YK-34
65-439 ch-53e 161382 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-66
65-441 ch-53e 161384 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-64
65-483 ch-53e 162006 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-61
65-495 ch-53e 162483 : d/d mid 80s to HMH-466 at MCAS Tustin, CA
65-500 ch-53e 162488 : USMC d/d Jul90 as HMH-466 /YK-66; Sep91 to HMM-268(c) /YQ-23 deployed with+
: 1998 as HMH-466 /22 deployed with 15th MEU HMM-163
65-553 ch-53e 163063 : w/o 01jun14 asg HMH-466, crashed on runway due to fuel starvation
65-560 ch-53e 163073 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-68
65-568 ch-53e 163077 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-69
65-577 ch-53e 163083 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-60
65-578 ch-53e 163084 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-62
65-581 ch-53e 163087 : USMC; 1993 HMH-466 /YK-21
65-584 ch-53e 164359 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-07
65-590 ch-53e 164362 : 09-14jul98 HMH-466 /YQ-62 embarked USS Tarawa (LHA-6)
65-592 ch-53e 164363 : 09-14jul98 HMH-466./YQ-63 embarked USS Tarawa LHA-6.
: 2012 HMH-466 /YK-75
65-593 ch-53e 164364 : 09-14jul98 HMH-466/YQ-64 embarked USS Tarawa (LHA-6)
65-594 ch-53e 164365 : USMC; 09-14jul98 HMH-466./YQ-65 embarked USS Tarawa LHA-6.
65-630 ch-53e 164787 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-76
65-636 ch-53e 164860 : USMC; 2012 HMH-466 /YK-63


feb-12sep-12AF ISAF
aug-90mar-91IQ Operation Desert Shield/Storm

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