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US Marine Corps

HMX-1 : Marine One

1947 to present    

  • Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 US Marine Corps
  • Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 US Marine CorpsCH-46E Sea Knight HMX-1 support helicopter used until 2014
  • Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 US Marine CorpsThe MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor replaced the CH-46E

Marine Helicopter Squadron 1
Tail Codes
MX 1959/   
The Nighthawks, Marine Experimental Helicopter Squadron One, MCAS Quantico, VA. Tail code MX. Created in 1947 as Marine Experimental Helicopter Squadron 1 in the wake of the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests to evaluate combat effectiveness of helicopters and develop doctrine and tactics for future Marine Corps use.

After 1962, charged with sole responsibility of transporting the President of the United States, first sharing the task with the US Army and exclusively from 1976.

The helicopters use the call sign Marine One when the president is aboard. Currently assigned Sikorsky VH-3D and VH-60N ("White Tops") for the executive transport role and CH-53E and MV-22B ( all green livery ) for the support role.
Created on 1 Dec 1947 at Quantico to evaluate and test both helicopter airframes and tactics. HMX-1 more visible tasks since 7 Sep 1957, when President Eisenhowen took his first official helicopter flight has been to transport the US President, senior government figures and visiting Heads of State; since 1967 this role has been solely HMX-1s. This tends to eclipse its other important role of testing and training for the USMC.

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News of Marine Helicopter Squadron 1

First Six Marine One VH-92A Ordered, 11-Jun-19 : #MarineOne Sikorsky awarded $542 million contract for 6 Lot 1 VH-92A presidential helicopters for Marine Squadron HMX-1. Expected to be completed by April 2022 and be the first of eventually 23 helicopters

VH-92 on Budget but Slightly Delayed, 13-Apr-19 : #MarineOne The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) published its annual report about the future Marine One. The $5.18 B program cost for 23 VH-92A dropped $234 M and the first one is scheduled to be operational by October 2020, 5 months later than originally planned

White House Helicopter Christmas Ornament, 22-Feb-19 : #WhiteHouse The White House Historical Association remembering President Eisenhower throughout 2019. As the first president to fly in helicopter, they released a Christmas Ornament of the Sikorsky HUS-1Z / VH-34D flew jointly by the Army and Marines

Marine One VH-92 First Time at the White House, 19-Nov-18 : #MarineOne The future Marine One helicopter, the Sikorsky VH-92, landed for the first time on the South Lawn of the White House

Miss Virginia Visited Marines at Quantico, 28-Dec-15 : Miss Virginia 2015, Savannah M. Lane, visited Marines aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, home of presidential squadron HMX-1

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1947/    MCAF Quantico / Turner FieldKNYG
NSF Anacostia


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2020/    VH-92A
2013/    V-22 Osprey
1992/    S-80 H-53E
1989/    VH-60N White Hawk
1974/    VH-3D Sea King
1971/92S-65 H-53
1963/76VH-3A Sea King
1962/14107M H-46 Sea Knight
1957/62HUS-1Z / VH-34D Seahorse
1953/56H-43 Huskie


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