2000 to present

The MV-22B training unit VMMT-204 was established on March 2000. On December 2005, VMM-263 became first operational unit to received the aircraft. Rest of CH-46 Sea Knight units will continue on a squadron-by-squadron basis. IOC achieved June 13, 2007.

On September 2007, 10 MV-22Bs of VMM-263 left for Iraq aboard the USS Wasp (LHD1) for the Osprey's first combat deployment.

On April 11, 2012 an USS Iwo Jima (LHD7) Osprey crashed during exercises in Morocco.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2017/    MRF-D
2016/    VMX-1 MCAS Yuma
2015/    VMM-364 MCAS Camp Pendleton
2015/    VMM-164 MCAS Camp Pendleton
2015/    VMM-744 NAS Norfolk
2014/    VMM-268 MCAS Miramar
2013/    HMX-1 MCAF Quantico / Turner Field
NSF Anacostia
2013/    VMM-764 MCAS Miramar
2013/    VMM-262JP MCAS Futenma
2013/    SPMAGTF-CR-AF ES Moron Air Base
2012/    VMM-363 MCAS Miramar
2012/    VMM-265 JP MCAS Futenma
2011/    VMM-165 MCAS Miramar
2011/    VMM-163 MCAS Miramar
2010/12VMM-561MCAS Miramar
2010/    VMM-166 MCAS Miramar
2009/    VMM-161 MCAS Miramar
2009/    VMM-264 MCAS New River
2009/    VMM-365 MCAS New River
2008/    VMM-261 MCAS New River
2008/    VMM-266 MCAS New River
2006/    VMM-162 MCAS New River
2005/    VMM-263 MCAS New River
2004/    US Navy (United States Naval Aviation)
HX-21 Blackjack
NAS Patuxent River
2003/16VMX-22MCAS Yuma
Edwards AFB
MCAS New River
2000/    VMMT-204 MCAS New River

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