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Edwards, California


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29.6304KMHV Mojave, California
35.6239KWJF General William J Fox, California
35.8210KPMD Palmdale, California
40.314099CL El Mirage Field Adelanto, California
50.8297 KCFD Air & Wildland Camp 8, California
56.313652CL Adelanto, California

1933 to present

34° 54' 20.88'' N - 117° 53' 2.41'' W
7mi E of Rosamond, CA
Elevation: 2302 feet

History of this Location

Dryden Flight Research Center

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List of units at Edwards AFB

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2013/16VMX-22K-MAX 2016
V-22 Osprey 2003/16
S-80 H-53E 2003/16
1999/13HMM-764107M H-46 Sea Knight 1971/13
1999/08HMH-769S-80 H-53E 1996/08
1994/    412 FLTS
1977/04413 FLTS
1970/736514 TSS-65 H-53 1970/92
S-61 H-3 1970/92
1947/    DFRCYHC-1A 1962/64
??/926515 OMSUH-1H Iroquois 1985/??
UH-1N 1975/85

Edwards AFB News

Marine MV-22B Osprey Ground Refueling of F-35B, 29-Apr-16 : Marine Operational Test & Evaluation Squadron VMX-22 validate ground refueling from an MV-22B to an F-35B Joint Strike Fighter which is integral to the construct of the Marine Air Ground Task Force

Testing New Machine Gun for USAF Pave Hawk, 12-Jan-16 : The FN Herstal M3M, designated the GAU-21, .50-caliber machine gun being tested on US Air Force HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter by 412th Test Wing, 418th Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB

USMC Reserves moves to the MV-22 Osprey, 16-Jan-13 : EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. by By Sgt. Ray Lewis - Marine Forces Reserve has never had a V-22 Osprey squadron—until now. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764 (HMM-764) transitioned into the Reserve’s first Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM-764) during a three-part ceremony here Jan 12, 2013.

List of aircraft and events at Edwards AFB

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By Date | By Serial

1958-dec-31 AccidentUS Army AviationSO-1221 Djinn57-6106
1959 US Air ForceH-19B Chickasaw52-7564
1959-may-16 AccidentUS Army AviationSO-1221 Djinn57-6104
1962 US Air ForceH-21B51-15855
1963 US Air ForceH-21B51-15854
1963-jun US Army AviationCH-47A Chinook60-03448
1965-sep US Air ForceCH-3C62-12577
1976 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6660
1976 US Air ForceUH-1N68-10774
1989-oct-29 UH-1N69-6635 / ED
1991-oct-10 AccidentUS Air ForceUH-1N69-6634
1991-oct-10 accidentUS Air ForceUH-1N69-6635
1993-oct-01 UH-1N68-10776 / ED
1993-oct-23 UH-60A Black Hawk88-26015
2003-oct-01 CH-46D153980
2005-oct-22 H-34A Choctaw53-4477 / 00
2005-oct-22 MV-22B Osprey165839
2005-oct-22 UH-1H Iroquois73-21702 / 05
2006-jan-23 H-34A Choctaw53-4477 / 00
2006-apr-07 H-34A Choctaw57-1726
2006-apr-07 HUP-2 / UH-25B Retriever130059,N88949
2006-oct-26 MV-22B Osprey165839
2006-oct-29 CH-46D152578 / MQ-402
2007-sep-26 MV-22164941
2007-sep-26 MV-22B Osprey165839
2009-oct-17 AS350B2 EcureuilN662PD
2010-jun-22 CH-46F156462 / ML-408
2010-oct-26 CH-46F155302 / ML-400
2011-feb HangarUS Marine CorpsCH-46F154860
2011-feb-11 H-34A Choctaw53-4477 / 00

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