usa Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764

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HMM-764 :

1958 to 2013    


Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764
Moonlight, tail code ML, United States Marine Corps Reserve

1958 - Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 764 (HMR-764)
1962 - HMM-764

Last West Coast Reserve unit to fly the CH-46. On January 2013 they were redesignated VMM-764 and relocated to MCAS Miramar, California. As of 2013, HMM-774 at Norfork is still flying the CH-46.

1981-1983, I was a Crew Chief with HMM 764 at MCAS Tustin. Richard Unwin
1988-1993, I was assigned to MAG-46 HMM-764 located at MCAS El Toro, not MCAS Tustin. I know the unit was also at MCAS El Toro when I was stationed with VMGR-352 in 1986. I believe the unit moved from MCAS El Toro to Edwards AFB when MCAS El Toro closed. SSgt Robert Scott USMC (Ret)

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News of Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764

USMC Reserves moves to the MV-22 Osprey, 16-Jan-13 : EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. by By Sgt. Ray Lewis - Marine Forces Reserve has never had a V-22 Osprey squadron—until now. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764 (HMM-764) transitioned into the Reserve’s first Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM-764) during a three-part ceremony here Jan 12, 2013.


1999/13Edwards AFBKEDW
1975/98MCAS Santa Ana / Tustin KNTK
1971/74MCAS El ToroKNZJ
1958/70Los AlamitosKSLI


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1971/13107M H-46 Sea Knight
1958/71S-58 H-34

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