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  • switzerland Alpnach

    Alpnach, Obwalden


    Satellite and aerial maps of Alpnach with nearby locations

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    9.3068LSZC Buochs, Nidwalden
    12.7018 Verkehrshaus der Schweiz, Luzern
    12.8004 Luzerner Kantonsspital, Luzern
    16.6005LSME Emmen, Luzern
    19.0031LSXN Haltikon Heliport, Schwyz
    25.9210LSMM Meiringen-Unterbach, Bern

    46° 56' 38'' N - 8° 17' 3'' E
    due east of the town of Alpnach
    Elevation: 1460 feet

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    List of units at Alpnach

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1974/    LtSt.8EC135 2010/   
    AS532UL Cougar 2001/   
    AS332 Super Puma 1991/   
    SA316B Alouette III 1974/10
    LtSt.6EC135 2010/   
    AS532UL Cougar 2001/   
    AS332 Super Puma 1992/   

    Alpnach News

    Helicopter Crew Training for Maintenance Check Flights, 01-May-18 : RUAG holds first Swiss-based helicopter crew and technical personnel training courses for Maintenance Check Flights (MCF) ahead of 2019 EASA MCF regulation

    List of aircraft and events at Alpnach

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-feb-14 AS332M1 T-318
    2003-mar-14 AS532UL T-339
    2003-apr-08 AS332M1 T-316
    2003-jun-26 AS332M T-313
    2004 RNLAF SE3160 A-247
    2004-apr-28 Schweizer Luftwaffe SE3160 V-223
    2004-jun-01 AS332M1 T-325
    2004-jun-26 A109K2 HB-XWM
    2004-jun-26 AS332C HB-XVY
    2004-jun-26 AS332M T-312
    2004-jun-26 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2004-jun-26 AS532UL T-336
    2004-jun-26 K-MAX HB-ZEH
    2004-jun-26 Open Day 2004Schweizer Luftwaffe SE3160 V-207
    2004-nov-17 SA316B V-243
    2004-nov-18 AS532UL T-335
    2005 RNLAF SE3160 A-292
    2005-apr-25 SA316B V-257
    2005-jul-27 AS332M1 T-316
    2005-jul-27 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2005-oct-14 AS532UL T-340
    2006-apr-07 AS532UL T-337
    2006-apr-07 AS532UL T-338
    2006-apr-07 SA316B V-255
    2006-apr-07 SA365N1 T-771
    2006-jul-28 AS332M1 T-317
    2006-sep-27 AS332M T-311
    2006-sep-27 AS332M1 T-316
    2006-oct-13 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M T-313
    2007-mar-13 AS532UL T-333
    2007-apr-26 SA316B V-248
    2007-may-02 AS332M T-313
    2007-may-02 AS332M1 T-325
    2007-may-24 SA365N1 T-771
    2008-jan HFR25 CH-53G 84+92
    2008-apr-23 AS332M T-311
    2008-apr-23 AS332M1 T-325
    2008-oct-08 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2008-oct-08 AS532UL T-336
    2008-oct-08 EC635P2 T-354
    2008-oct-24 AS532UL T-338
    2009-mar-17 AS332M1 T-321
    2009-mar-17 AS532UL T-335
    2009-mar-17 EC635P2+ T-358
    2009-mar-17 SA316B V-249
    2009-apr-03 EC635P2+ T-360
    2009-apr-14 EC635P2+ D-HECA
    2009-apr-15 AS532UL T-332
    2009-apr-15 EC635P2 T-354
    2009-apr-15 EC635P2 T-361
    2009-may-20 AS532UL T-331
    2009-may-26 AS332M1 T-324
    2009-may-26 SA316B V-274
    2009-may-26 SA316B V-262
    2009-jun-26 CH-53G 8436
    2009-aug-04 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2009-aug-04 EC635P2+ T-365 / 65
    2010-mar-24 AS532UL T-338
    2010-mar-24 EC635P2+ T-368
    2010-mar-24 SA316B V-262
    2010-mar-25 EC635P2+ T-365
    2010-jul-22 AS532UL T-337
    2010-oct-14 AS532UL T-342
    2011-apr-05 SA316B V-262
    2011-apr-26 EC635P2+ T-360
    2011-sep-16 EC635P2+ T-366
    2011-oct-15 AS532UL T-337
    2012-mar-14 AS532UL T-333
    2012-may-08 CH-53G 84+46
    2012-jul-13 AS532UL T-338
    2012-jul-13 EC635P2+ T-360
    2013-feb-26 EC635P2+ T-360 / 60
    2013-mar-22 AS532UL T-338
    2013-jun-03 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS532UL T-333
    2013-jun-03 Schweizer Luftwaffe EC635P2+ T-365
    2014-may-13 SA330E XW229 / DB
    2014-nov-26 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2015-mar-18 Slovenska Vojska AS532AL H3-72
    2016-feb-20 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2016-feb-20 AS332M1 T-325

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