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Satellite and aerial maps of Emmen with nearby locations

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8.3 91LSXN Haltikon Heliport, Haltikon
13.2325LSZO Luzern Beromunster, Luzern/Beromünster
14.8151LSZC Buochs, Buochs
17.8185LSMA Alpnach, Alpnach
19.2359LSZU Buttwil, Aargau
32.1 74LSXS Schindellegi Heliport, Schindellegi

47° 5' 32.64'' N - 8° 18' 18.43'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Emmen

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1999-sep-08 Schweizer LuftwaffeSA316B Alouette IIIV-274
2001-jun-09 AS532UL CougarT-338
2003-aug-30 AS532UL CougarT-339
2003-aug-30 SA316B Alouette IIIV-278
2005-jun-01 AS365N3 Dauphin 2HB-XQS
2005-jun-01 AS532UL CougarT-333
2005-jun-18 AS532UL CougarT-340
2005-jun-18 AS532UL CougarT-334
2006-sep-02 AS532UL CougarT-333
2007-jul-07 AS332M Super PumaT-312
2007-aug-01 AS332M1 Super PumaT-319
2009-may-20 AS532UL CougarT-338
2009-may-20 EC635P2+T-355
2009-nov-04 AS532UL CougarT-335
2009-nov-25 AS532UL CougarT-333
2010-may-26 EC635P2+T-360
2010-jul-15 AS532UL CougarT-337
2010-jul-24 206B-3 Jet RangerHB-XSI
2010-jul-24 AS332M Super PumaT-312
2010-jul-24 AS532UL CougarT-341
2010-jul-24 AW109S GrandHB-ZHP
2010-jul-24 AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRT
2010-jul-24 AW139HB-ZUV
2010-jul-24 ka-32HB-XKE
2010-jul-24 SA315B LamaHB-ZGP
2010-jul-24 SA316B Alouette IIIV-249
2010-aug-21 AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRZ
2010-nov-04 AS532UL CougarT-333
2011-oct-11 EC635P2+T-364
2012-mar-15 AS332M1 Super PumaT-314
2012-jul-17 AS532UL CougarT-333
2012-jul-17 AS532UL CougarT-331
2013-jan-16 AS332M1 Super PumaT-323
2013-apr-15 EC635P2+T-360
2013-apr-26 AS332M1 Super PumaT-316
2013-nov-06 AS532UL CougarT-338
2014-nov-06 AS532UL CougarT-338
2015-jan-13 AS332M1 Super PumaT-323
2015-jan-13 AS532UL CougarT-338

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