Norton Heliport, Dartmouth

Dartmouth , Devon , England

united kingdom United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Norton Heliport, Dartmouth with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
BRNC Dartmouth , England 1.8052
Barton Pines , England 10.2351
Torbay , England 12.6029
Livermead House , England 12.8018GBTOR
Challaborough , England 22.1252
5.5nm S of Start Point , Offshore UK 24.7187

  Norton Heliport, Dartmouth

1962 to ??

50° 20' 50'' N     3° 36' 5'' W
1nm WSW of Dartmouth, Dartmouth, Devon, England
Elevation: 475 feet

The heliport itself was opened when the Britannia Helicopter Flight moved here from RNEC Manadon, with a Dragonfly in 1962, to service the nearby Britannia Royal Naval College. A Wasp replaced the Dragonfly in 1967 and by 1981 a new Control Tower had been built. The Flight was disbanded in 1982 and the hangar which was constructed before 1963 had been removed by 1999. Only the Control Tower now remains (2010) on the edge of the Leisure Centre car park.

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List of aircraft and events at Norton Heliport, Dartmouth

1961-jun-30 Precautionary landingRN HR.3 WG752

1964-jun RN HR.3 WG709

1969-may-14 AccidentRN Wasp XT427

1973-dec-12 AccidentRN Wasp XT442

1978 G I AirframeRN HR.1 VZ962

1980-dec RN Wasp XT438

1982-apr-27 815 NAS HAS.2 XZ731
1982-oct-05 824 NAS HAS.5 ZA130
1982-nov-12 771 NAS HU.5 XS484

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