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    c/n f.9608

    Year 1965

    Helicopter Westland Wasp Serial f.9608 Register XT438 used by Fleet Air Arm RN (Royal Navy). Built 1965. Aircraft history and location


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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

    dd 7 Dec 1965 to RN. 829Sq Zulu Flt/442-ZU by Oct 1967 to c Nov 1969
    829Sq Andromeda Flt/472 by Feb 1971 to c Jul 1973. 829 NAS
    1972-07-17ACoypool Accident turbine blades damaged during landing approach at Coypool 17 Jul 1972
    829Sq Tartar Flt/477 by Nov 1973 still Dec 1974 still Jun 1976, 829Sq Juno Flt/465 by Nov 1977 (until c Mar 1981 ?)
    1980-12BNorton Heliport, Dartmouthtemporarily operating as Britannia Flt /465 (on loan from Juno Flt ?)but using an 895 callsign during Dec 1980 / Jan 1981, while XS535 undergoing maintenance.
    1981-07CEGDT Stored to Wroughton as A2704 by Jul 1981, soc 1984.
    1984DEDLJ G I Airframe G.I. Detmold by late , to AAC Hildesheim (fuselage pod only) Dec 1985.
    1985-12EEDVM BDRT fuselage pod only to Hildesheim Dec 1985 for BDRT

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