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Nagoya, Honshu

Satellite and aerial maps of Nagoya with nearby locations

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0.4 63RJNN Komaki Air Base, Honshu
16.2342RJNG Gifu Air Base, Honshu
45.5193RJGG Nagoya Chubu Central Japan, Honshu
83.6196RJOE Akeno, Honshu
90.5128RJNH Hamamatsu Air Base, Honshu
126.0113RJNS Mt Fuji Shizuoka, Honshu

35° 15' 19.80'' N - 136° 55' 26.39'' E

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News about this location

Nakanihon Air Service Bell 429, 02-Apr-18 : Nakanihon Air Service operates two air ambulances Bell 429 on behalf Japan’ national emergency medical program Doctor-Heli

List of aircraft and events at Nagoya

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By Date | By Serial

2002-nov-13 MLIT214STJA9683
2002-nov-13 AS350B EcureuilJA9318
2004-feb-07 412EPJA893F
2005-nov-05 EC135P2JA03CP
2008-aug-22 412EPJA97NA
2009-jan-23 412EPJA6750
2009-feb-18 412EPJA821F
2009-mar-02 430JA05CH
2009-apr-14 412EPJA6767
2009-apr-28 EC135P2JA02CP
2009-jul-07 412EPJA96GF
2009-jul-07 430JA121T
2009-jul-13 412EPJA893F
2009-jul-24 412EPJA6774
2009-aug-28 412EPJA6792
2010-jan-16 412EPJA97NA
2010-jan-22 412HPJA6703
2010-feb-13 412EPJA821F
2010-feb-14 412EPJA6750
2010-feb-16 AW139JA92NH
2010-mar-11 412EPJA6792
2010-apr-14 429N10984
2010-may-05 AS365N3 Dauphin 2JA01FD
2010-may-13 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 JA6630
2010-jul-23 BK117B-1JA6793
2010-jul-31 412EPJA6774
2010-aug-31 427JA427K
2010-sep-21 BK117C-2JA298R
2010-sep-22 AS332L Super PumaJA9612
2010-oct-01 412EPJA6767
2010-oct-01 BK117C-2JA05CP
2010-oct-04 EC135P2+JA05HD
2010-oct-13 EC135T2JA32NH
2010-oct-18 212JA9618
2010-oct-27 430JA05CH
2010-nov-01 AS332L1 Super PumaJA6741
2010-nov-29 204JA9383
2010-dec-19 429N10984
2010-dec-20 AS350B3 EcureuilJA023N
2011 Tohoku Air ServiceAS332C Super PumaJA6777
2011-feb-04 412EPJA821F
2011-feb-21 SH-60F Oceanhawk164078
2011-mar-02 EC135P2+JA05HD
2011-mar-12 412EPJA119V
2011-mar-13 CH-46D153999
2011-mar-13 HH-60G Pave Hawk91-26401
2011-jun-30 430JA121T
2011-jul-09 412EPJA97NA
2011-aug-16 429JA01DW
2011-aug-26 430JA04TV
2011-oct-12 412HPJA6710
2011-nov-30 412EPJA6412
2011-dec-04 212JA9566
2011-dec-27 412HPJA6703
2012-feb-28 412SPJA9986
2012-mar-01 AS332L1 Super PumaJA6741
2012-mar-01 AW139JA92NH
2012-mar-13 430JA06CH
2012-mar-21 430JA05TV
2012-mar-27 AW139JA91CP / 1
2012-mar-29 AS332L Super PumaJA9660
2012-oct-04 412EPJA6767
2012-oct-07 EC135T2+JA10MC
2012-nov-15 EC135T2JA32NH
2012-nov-16 412EPJA97NA
2012-nov-16 EC135T2JA35NH
2012-nov-20 AW139JA04HP
2012-nov-21 412EPJA09TG
2012-dec-08 412HPJA6703
2013-jan-22 429JA6794
2013-feb-22 412EPJA821F
2013-feb-22 BK117C-1JA6679
2013-may-07 AS365N3 Dauphin 2JA119X
2013-jul-18 BK117C-2JA32AR
2013-aug-12 430JA05CH
2013-sep-05 412EPJA6767
2013-sep-24 EC135T2+JA10MC
2013-nov-08 AS365N3+ Dauphin 2JA65NH
2014-jan-27 AW139JA04HP
2014-feb-17 412EPN412TX
2014-feb-22 CH-47JA37-4501
2014-feb-23 AW139JA960A
2014-oct-07 AS365N3+ Dauphin 2JA65NH
2015-sep-04 EC135P2JA02CP
2015-nov-05 BK117C-2JA117E
2015-nov-10 EC135T1JA135T
2015-dec-01 AW109E PowerJA6004 / 26
2016-jan-19 AW109E PowerJA6004 / 26
2016-feb-15 BK117C-2JA117E
2016-mar-17 412EPiJA16AM
2018-apr-20 204JA9478

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