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Singapore , South East

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Satellite and aerial maps of Changi Naval Base with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Changi RSAF , South East 3.4325WSAC
Changi Exhibition Centre , South East 5.0354SGCHG
Changi International Airport , South East 7.2317WSSS
Paya Lebar , North East 13.7289WSAP
Seletar , Central Singapore 20.8301WSSL
singapore strait , 23.0231

  Changi Naval Base

2004 to present

1° 19' 8'' N     104° 1' 36'' E
Changi, Singapore, South East

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List of aircraft and events at Changi Naval Base

By Date | By Serial | By Model

2019-may-142019-may-16 ?
2019-may-142019-may-16 Republic of Singapore Navy Independence class 20 RSS Fortitude
2019-may-142019-may-16 Royal Thai Navy Adulyade class 471 HTMS Bhumibol Adulyade
2019-may-142019-may-16 People's Liberation Army Navy Type 054A class 531 PLANS Xiangtan
2019-may-142019-may-16 Republic of Singapore Navy Formidable class 68 RSS Formidable
2019-may-142019-may-16 Bharatiya Nau Sena Deepak class A57 INS Shakti
2019-may-142019-may-16 Bharatiya Nau Sena Kolkata class D63 INS Kolkata
2019-may-142019-may-16 JMSDF Murasame class DD 101 JDS Murasame
2019-may-142019-may-16 USN Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class DDG-110 USS William P. Lawrence
2019-may-142019-may-16 JMSDF Izumo class DDH-183 JDS Izumo
2019-may-142019-may-16 ROKN Chungmugong Yi Sun Shin (KDX-II) class DDH-981 ROKS Choe Yeong
2019-may-142019-may-16 Bangladesh Nou Bahini Type C13B Shadhinota class F111 BNS Shadhinota
2019-may-142019-may-16 RAN Adelaide class FFG 06 HMAS Newcastle
2019-may-142019-may-16 RAN Canberra class LHD 02 HMAS Canberra
2019-may-142019-may-16 Philippine Navy Hamilton class PS-17 BRP Andrés Bonifacio

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