united kingdom New Byth

Faserburgh, Scotland

United Kingdom


Satellite and aerial maps of New Byth with nearby locations

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26.8103EGPS Longside Airfield, Scotland
28.9096 South Kirkton, Scotland
42.2171EGPD Aberdeen / Dyce, Scotland
42.9154UK47 Aberdeen OWF, Offshore UK
46.5281 Dallachy, Scotland
48.1167EGA03 ARI Aberdeen, Scotland

57° 34' 31.5'' N - 2° 18' 3'' W
New Byth
Elevation: 405 feet

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List of aircraft and events at New Byth

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1991 PreservedRoyal Air ForceSycamore 4XJ380
1992 PreservedFleet Air ArmWhirlwind HAS.7XL898

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