off Tanjung Sedili

Tanjung Sedili , Johor

malaysia Malaysia

Satellite and aerial maps of off Tanjung Sedili with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
off Pulau Aur , Offshore Malaysia 27.8000
Pulau Tioman , Johor 87.2339WMBT
Changi Exhibition Centre , South East 92.1209SGCHG
Changi International Airport , South East 94.1212WSSS
Changi RSAF , South East 94.8209WSAC
Changi Naval Base , South East 96.3208

  off Tanjung Sedili

2° 5' 0'' N     104° 26' 0'' E
c 20nm NW of Tanjung Sedili, Tanjung Sedili, Johor

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List of aircraft and events at off Tanjung Sedili

1964-nov-03 AccidentRN HAS7 XL844
1964-nov-03 AccidentRN Centaur class R06 HMS Centaur

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