usa Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle

Seattle, Washington

0.9175 Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, Washington
3.1 51WA53 Harborview Medical Center Heliport, Washington
3.6 88WA9 Broadcast House Helistop, Washington
3.8 9WN16 KOMO TV Heliport, Washington
7.6146KBFI Boeing Field King County, Washington
9.1 28WT22 Graves Field Heliport, Washington

47 35 9.6 secs N - 122 21 25.2 secs W

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Ships built

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1943Destroyer Fletcher class
1944Destroyer Allen M. Sumner class
1945Support Ship Shenandoah class
1946Destroyer Gearing class
1961Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
1969Frigate Knox class
1980Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry class
1982Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
2009Support Ship Theriot Offshore V class

1943-mar-9US DD-556 USS Hailey Fletcher class
1944-feb-14US DD-799 USS Jarvis Fletcher class
1944-jun-6US DD-804 USS Rooks Fletcher class
1944-sep-30US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox Allen M. Sumner class
1945-mar-29US AD-26 USS Shenandoah Shenandoah class
1945-apr-12US AD-27 USS Yellowstone Shenandoah class
1945-apr-27US AD-28 USS Grand Canyon Shenandoah class
1945-jun-30US AD-31 USS Tidewater Shenandoah class
1945-sep-19US AD-29 USS Isle Royale Shenandoah class
1946-jan-8US DD-789 USS Eversole Gearing class
1946-mar-7US AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon Shenandoah class
1959-apr-23US DDG-9 USS Towers Charles F. Adams class
1960-may-11US DDG-14 USS Buchanan Charles F. Adams class
1962-feb-6US DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd Charles F. Adams class
1963-feb-26US DDG-24 USS Waddell Charles F. Adams class
1966-nov-19US FF-1052 USS Knox Knox class
1967-apr-27US FF-1053 USS Roark Knox class
1967-nov-3US FF-1054 USS Gray Knox class
1968-apr-12US FF-1062 USS Whipple Knox class
1968-sep-5US FF-1064 USS Lockwood Knox class
1969-oct-23US FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields Knox class
1969-dec-12US FF-1070 USS Downes Knox class
1974-feb-13BR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano Theriot Offshore V class
1978-mar-1US FFG-10 USS Duncan Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-mar-27US FFG-20 USS Antrim Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-aug-24US FFG-22 USS Fahrion Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-jan-16US FFG-28 USS Boone Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1980-may-30US FFG-31 USS Stark Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-sep-26US FFG-35 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Sydney Oliver Hazard Perry class
1981-jul-2US FFG-37 USS Crommelin Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1981-oct-13US FFG-40 USS Halyburton Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1982-oct-15US FFG-48 USS Vandegrift Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1983-feb-26US FFG-52 USS Carr Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class


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1980-sep-26 United States Naval AviationOliver Hazard Perry classFFG-35 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Sydney
1982-mar-26 United States Naval AviationOliver Hazard Perry long-hull classFFG-44 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Darwin

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