Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle

Seattle , Washington

usa USA

Satellite and aerial maps of Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company , Washington 0.9175
Pier 66 , Washington 2.9009USSEA
Harborview Medical Center Heliport , Washington 3.1051WA53
Broadcast House Helistop , Washington 3.60088WA9
KOMO TV Heliport , Washington 3.8009WN16
Boeing Field King County , Washington 7.6146KBFI

  Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle

47° 35' 9.6'' N     122° 21' 25.2'' W
Seattle, Washington

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List of ships built at Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle

1943Destroyer Fletcher class
1944Destroyer Allen M. Sumner class
1945Support Ship Shenandoah class
1946Destroyer Gearing class
1961Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
1969Frigate Knox class
1980Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry class
1982Guided-Missile Frigate Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
2009Support Ship Theriot Offshore V class

1943-mar-9US DD-556 USS Hailey Fletcher class
1944-feb-14US DD-799 USS Jarvis Fletcher class
1944-jun-6US DD-804 USS Rooks Fletcher class
1944-sep-30US DD-779 USS Douglas H. Fox Allen M. Sumner class
1945-mar-29US AD-26 USS Shenandoah Shenandoah class
1945-apr-12US AD-27 USS Yellowstone Shenandoah class
1945-apr-27US AD-28 USS Grand Canyon Shenandoah class
1945-jun-30US AD-31 USS Tidewater Shenandoah class
1945-sep-19US AD-29 USS Isle Royale Shenandoah class
1946-jan-8US DD-789 USS Eversole Gearing class
1946-mar-7US AD-36 USS Bryce Canyon Shenandoah class
1959-apr-23US DDG-9 USS Towers Charles F. Adams class
1960-may-11US DDG-14 USS Buchanan Charles F. Adams class
1962-feb-6US DDG-23 USS Richard E. Byrd Charles F. Adams class
1963-feb-26US DDG-24 USS Waddell Charles F. Adams class
1966-nov-19US FF-1052 USS Knox Knox class
1967-apr-27US FF-1053 USS Roark Knox class
1967-nov-3US FF-1054 USS Gray Knox class
1968-apr-12US FF-1062 USS Whipple Knox class
1968-sep-5US FF-1064 USS Lockwood Knox class
1969-oct-23US FF-1066 USS Marvin Shields Knox class
1969-dec-12US FF-1070 USS Downes Knox class
1974-feb-13BR H41 NPo Almirante Maximiano Theriot Offshore V class
1978-mar-1US FFG-10 USS Duncan Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-mar-27US FFG-20 USS Antrim Oliver Hazard Perry class
1979-aug-24US FFG-22 USS Fahrion Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-jan-16US FFG-28 USS Boone Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1980-may-30US FFG-31 USS Stark Oliver Hazard Perry class
1980-sep-26US FFG-35 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Sydney Oliver Hazard Perry class
1981-jul-2US FFG-37 USS Crommelin Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1981-oct-13US FFG-40 USS Halyburton Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1982-oct-15US FFG-48 USS Vandegrift Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class
1983-feb-26US FFG-52 USS Carr Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class

List of aircraft and events at Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle

1980-sep-26 USN Oliver Hazard Perry class FFG-35 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Sydney

1982-mar-26 USN Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class FFG-44 built in USA for Australia as HMAS Darwin

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