Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company

Seattle , Washington

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Satellite and aerial maps of Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle , Washington 0.9355
Harborview Medical Center Heliport , Washington 3.6040WA53
Broadcast House Helistop , Washington 4.40058WA9
KOMO TV Heliport , Washington 4.6006WN16
Boeing Field King County , Washington 6.9143KBFI
Graves Field Heliport , Washington 9.9025WT22

  Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company

1898 to 1988

47° 34' 40.8'' N     122° 21' 21.6'' W
Harbor Island, Seattle, Washington
Elevation: 10 feet

Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company was a shipyard in on Harbor Island, Seattle at the mouth of the Duwamish River. Founded in 1898 as the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company, the company that built Harbor Island, it was purchased by Lockheed in 1959. The shipyard was permanently closed in 1988

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List of ships built at Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company

1945Destroyer Fletcher class
1957Frigate Dealey class
1960Guided-Missile Destroyer Coontz class
1961Assault Carrier Iwo Jima class
1963Guided-Missile Cruiser Leahy class
1963Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams NTU class
1964Guided-Missile Destroyer Charles F. Adams class
1964Support Ship Sacramento class
1966Guided-Missile Frigate Brooke class
1966Guided-Missile Cruiser Belknap class
1967Support Ship Samuel Gompers class
1968Landing Ship/Platform Dock Austin class
1968Frigate Garcia class
1970Frigate Knox class
1976Icebreakers Polar class
1985Landing Ship/Platform Dock Whidbey Island class

1944-sep-25US DD-596 USS Shields Fletcher class
1955-sep-14US DE-1023 USS Evans Dealey class
1956-apr-25US DE-1024 USS Bridget Dealey class
1958-dec-6US DDG-40 USS Coontz Coontz class
1958-dec-6US DDG-41 USS King Coontz class
1960-sep-17US LPH-2 USS Iwo Jima Iwo Jima class
1961-jul-31US CG-21 USS Gridley Leahy class
1961-dec-15US DDG-20 USS Goldsborough Charles F. Adams NTU class
1962-may-12US CG-24 USS Reeves Leahy class
1962-jul-18US DDG-21 USS Cochrane Charles F. Adams class
1963-jan-8US DDG-22 USS Benjamin Stoddert Charles F. Adams NTU class
1963-jul-19US FFG-1 USS Brooke Brooke class
1963-sep-14US AOE-1 USS Sacramento Sacramento class
1963-oct-15US FFG-2 USS Ramsey Brooke class
1963-dec-7US FFG-3 USS Schofield Brooke class
1964-apr-28US FF-1048 USS Sample Garcia class
1964-jun-30US CG-29 USS Jouett Belknap class
1964-dec-19US FF-1050 USS Albert David Garcia class
1965-jan-23US LPD-9 USS Denver Austin class
1965-jun-30US CG-31 USS Sterett Belknap class
1966-may-14US AD-37 USS Samuel Gompers Samuel Gompers class
1966-jul-30US LPD-11 USS Coronado Austin class
1966-sep-16US AD-38 USS Puget Sound Samuel Gompers class
1966-oct-22US LPD-12 USS Shreveport Austin class
1967-oct-7US LPD-13 USS Nashville Austin class
1968-mar-1US AOE-3 USS Seattle Sacramento class
1968-aug-3US LPD-14 USS Trenton Austin class
1969-may-2US FF-1057 USS Rathburne Knox class
1969-jun-21US AOE-4 USS Detroit Sacramento class
1970-may-20US LPD-15 USS Ponce Austin class
1970-aug-1US FF-1063 USS Reasoner Knox class
1970-dec-19US FF-1065 USS Stein Knox class
1971-apr-24US FF-1069 USS Bagley Knox class
1971-jun-23US FF-1073 USS Robert E. Peary Knox class
1976US WAGB-10 USCGC Polar Star Polar class
1977US WAGB-11 USCGC Polar Sea Polar class
1983-jun-10US LSD-41 USS Whidbey Island Whidbey Island class
1984-jun-29US LSD-42 USS Germantown Whidbey Island class
1986-feb-1US LSD-43 USS Fort McHenry Whidbey Island class

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