usa Ingalls Shipbuilding

Pascagoula, Mississippi



Satellite and aerial maps of Ingalls Shipbuilding with nearby locations

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18.12835R2 Ocean Springs, Mississippi
21.3289MS72 Ocean Springs Hospital, Mississippi
34.6281KBIX Keesler AFB, Mississippi
38.6076AL67 Theodore PHI Heliport, Alabama
49.1039KMOB Mobile Regional Airport, Alabama
57.1057KBFM Mobile Downtown / Brookley Field, Alabama

30° 21' 3'' N - 88° 34' 14'' W

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List of ships built at Ingalls Shipbuilding

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-Assault Carrier America (2014) class
1955Support Ship Rigel class
1955Landing Ship/Platform Dock Thomaston class
1969Landing Ship/Platform Dock Anchorage class
1970Assault Carrier Iwo Jima class
1971Support Ship Kilauea class
1975Destroyer Spruance class
1976Assault Carrier Tarawa class
1981Guided-Missile Destroyer Kidd class
1983Guided-Missile Cruiser Ticonderoga class
1986Support Ship Curtis and Wright class
1986Guided-Missile Cruiser Ticonderoga VLS class
1989Assault Carrier Wasp class
1992Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1994Corvetteisrael Sa'ar 5-class
1998Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight II class
2000Guided-Missile Destroyer Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2007Landing Ship/Platform Dock San Antonio class
2015Coast Guards National Security Cutter

1954-jul-16US LSD-30 USS Fort Snelling Thomaston class
1955-mar-15US AF-58 USS Rigel Rigel class
1955-apr-28US AF-59 USS Vega Rigel class
1956-jan-20US LSD-33 USS Alamo Thomaston class
1968-may-5US LSD-36 USS Anchorage Anchorage class
1969-may-24US LPH-12 USS Inchon Iwo Jima class
1970-nov-9US AE-32 USS Flint Kilauea class
1971-apr-3US AE-33 USS Shasta Kilauea class
1971-oct-23US AE-34 USS Mount Baker Kilauea class
1972-mar-11US AE-35 USS Kiska Kilauea class
1973-nov-10US DD-963 USS Spruance Spruance class
1973-dec-1US LHA-1 USS Tarawa Tarawa class
1974-feb-22US DD-964 USS Paul F. Foster Spruance class
1974-may-25US DD-965 USS Kinkaid Spruance class
1974-jul-20US LHA-2 USS Saipan Tarawa class
1974-aug-24US DD-966 USS Hewitt Spruance class
1974-sep-19US DD-967 USS Elliot Spruance class
1975-mar-21US DD-968 USS Arthur W. Radford Spruance class
1975-jun-21US DD-969 USS Peterson Spruance class
1975-jun-24US DD-970 USS Caron Spruance class
1975-aug-24US DD-971 USS David R. Ray Spruance class
1975-oct-21US DD-972 USS Oldendorf Spruance class
1976-jan-6US DD-973 USS John Young Spruance class
1976-mar-26US DD-974 USS Comte de Grasse Spruance class
1976-jul-8US DD-975 USS O'Brien Spruance class
1976-sep-1US DD-976 USS Merrill Spruance class
1976-dec-28US DD-977 USS Briscoe Spruance class
1977-jan-1US DD-978 USS Stump Spruance class
1977-apr-11US LHA-3 USS Belleau Wood Tarawa class
1977-jun-3US DD-979 USS Conolly Spruance class
1977-jul-23US DD-980 USS Moosbrugger Spruance class
1977-oct-29US DD-981 USS John Hancock Spruance class
1977-nov-11US DD-982 USS Nicholson Spruance class
1978-jan-21US LHA-4 USS Nassau Tarawa class
1978-feb-25US DD-983 USS John Rodgers Spruance class
1978-apr-8US DD-984 USS Leftwich Spruance class
1978-jun-17US DD-985 USS Cushing Spruance class
1978-aug-10US DD-986 USS Harry W. Hill Spruance class
1978-sep-25US DD-987 USS O'Bannon Spruance class
1978-nov-25US LHA-5 USS Peleliu Tarawa class
1979-jan-20US DD-989 USS Deyo Spruance class
1979-feb-3US DD-988 USS Thorn Spruance class
1979-mar-10US DD-990 USS Ingersoll Spruance class
1979-may-1US DD-991 USS Fife Spruance class
1979-jun-16US DD-992 USS Fletcher Spruance class
1979-aug-11US DDG-993 USS Kidd Kidd class
1979-dec-1US DDG-994 USS Callaghan Kidd class
1980-mar-1US DDG-995 USS Scott Kidd class
1980-jun-28US DDG-996 USS Chandler Kidd class
1981-apr-25US CG-47 USS Ticonderoga Ticonderoga class
1982-mar-2US DD-997 USS Hayler Spruance class
1983-jan-17US CG-48 USS Yorktown Ticonderoga class
1984-apr-14US CG-49 USS Vincennes Ticonderoga class
1984-jun-23US CG-50 USS Valley Forge Ticonderoga class
1985-mar-11US CG-52 USS Bunker Hill Ticonderoga VLS class
1985-aug-22US CG-53 USS Mobile Bay Ticonderoga VLS class
1986US T-AVB 4 SS Wright Curtis and Wright class
1986-feb-14US CG-54 USS Antietam Ticonderoga VLS class
1986-jun-20US CG-55 USS Leyte Gulf Ticonderoga VLS class
1986-nov-14US CG-56 USS San Jacinto Ticonderoga VLS class
1987US T-AVB 3 SS Curtis Curtis and Wright class
1987-apr-3US CG-57 USS Lake Champlain Ticonderoga VLS class
1987-aug-4US LHD-1 USS Wasp Wasp class
1987-oct-2US CG-59 USS Princeton Ticonderoga VLS class
1988-jul-15US CG-62 USS Chancellorsville Ticonderoga VLS class
1989-sep-1US CG-65 USS Chosin Ticonderoga VLS class
1990-jun-1US CG-66 USS Hue City Ticonderoga VLS class
1990-nov-2US CG-68 USS Anzio Ticonderoga VLS class
1991-feb-23US LHD-2 USS Essex Wasp class
1991-may-10US DDG-52 USS Barry Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1991-sep-7US CG-69 USS Vicksburg Ticonderoga VLS class
1992-jan-10US CG-71 USS Cape St. George Ticonderoga VLS class
1992-mar-26US LHD-3 USS Kearsarge Wasp class
1992-jun-13US CG-72 USS Vella Gulf Ticonderoga VLS class
1992-oct-16US DDG-55 USS Stout Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1992-nov-20US CG-73 USS Port Royal Ticonderoga VLS class
1993-feb-9IL 501 INS Eilat Sa'ar 5-class
1993-may-7US DDG-57 USS Mitscher Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1993-augIL 502 INS Lahav Sa'ar 5-class
1993-aug-13US LHD-4 USS Boxer Wasp class
1993-oct-20US DDG-59 USS Russell Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1994-feb-1US DDG-61 USS Ramage Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1994-mar-4IL 503 INS Hanit Sa'ar 5-class
1994-jun-17US DDG-63 USS Stethem Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1994-nov-9US DDG-65 USS Benfold Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1995-feb-10US DDG-67 USS Cole Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1995-aug-1US DDG-69 USS Milius Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1996-mar-15US LHD-5 USS Bataan Wasp class
1996-mar-22US DDG-71 USS Ross Arleigh Burke Flight I class
1997-jan-18US DDG-74 USS McFaul Arleigh Burke Flight II class
1997-mar-14US LHD-6 USS Bonhomme Richard Wasp class
1997-nov-12US DDG-78 USS Porter Arleigh Burke Flight II class
1999-jan-10US DDG-80 USS Roosevelt Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
1999-oct-16US DDG-82 USS Lassen Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2000-jun-21US DDG-84 USS Bulkeley Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2000-nov-22US DDG-86 USS Shoup Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2001-mar-25US LHD-7 USS Iwo Jima Wasp class
2001-jun-1US DDG-88 USS Preble Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2001-dec-12US DDG-89 USS Mustin Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2002-jun-26US DDG-91 USS Pinckney Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2004-oct-2US DDG-98 USS Forrest Sherman Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2005-jan-22US DDG-100 USS Kidd Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2006-sep-22US LHD-8 USS Makin Island Wasp class
2007US LPD-19 USS Mesa Verde San Antonio class
2007-apr-17US DDG-103 USS Truxtun Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2008-jan-26US DDG-105 USS Dewey Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2009-mar-30US DDG-107 USS Gravely Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2010-may-7US LPD-22 USS San Diego San Antonio class
2011US DDG-110 USS William P. Lawrence Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2012-jun-4US LHA-6 USS America America (2014) class
2014-may-3US WMSL-754 USCGC James National Security Cutter
2015-mar-30US DDG-113 USS John Finn Arleigh Burke Flight IIA class
2015-sep-12US WMSL-755 USCGC Munro National Security Cutter
2016-dec-17US WMSL-756 USCGC Kimball National Security Cutter
2017-may-1US LHA-7 USS Tripoli America (2014) class

List of aircraft and events at Ingalls Shipbuilding

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2015-mar-30 LaunchedUnited States Naval AviationArleigh Burke Flight IIA classDDG-113 USS John Finn
2017-may-01 United States Naval AviationAmerica (2014) classLHA-7 USS Tripoli

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