usa Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company

Chester, Pennsylvania

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3.1 62 Boeing / Ridley Park, Pennsylvania
9.8 74KPHL Philadelphia Intl, Pennsylvania
15.5 72 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Pennsylvania
19.9 559PA8 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
20.1 521PS7 Hahnemann University Hospital Heliport, Pennsylvania
20.4 61P72 Penns Landing Heliport, Pennsylvania

1917 to 1989

39 50 56 secs N - 75 21 5 secs W

Founded in 1917 was sold to Pennsylvania Shipbuilding in 1982 and closed in 1989

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List of ships built at Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company

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1988-aug-15US T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood Henry J. Kaiser class
1989-jul-22US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford Henry J. Kaiser class
1990-apr-21US T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson Henry J. Kaiser class
1990-sep-22US T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha Henry J. Kaiser class

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