Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company

Chester , Pennsylvania

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Boeing / Ridley Park , Pennsylvania 3.1062
Philadelphia Intl , Pennsylvania 9.8074KPHL
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard , Pennsylvania 15.5072PNSY
Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia Heliport , Pennsylvania 17.40509PN2
PPMC North , Pennsylvania 17.9046PA39
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Heliport , Pennsylvania 19.90559PA8

  Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company

1917 to 1989

39° 50' 56'' N     75° 21' 5'' W
Chester, Pennsylvania

Founded in 1917 was sold to Pennsylvania Shipbuilding in 1982 and closed in 1989

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List of ships built at Sun Shipbuilding Drydock Company

-Support Ship Henry J. Kaiser class

1988-aug-15US T-AO-191 USNS Benjamin Isherwood Henry J. Kaiser class
1989-jul-22US T-AO-192 USNS Henry Eckford Henry J. Kaiser class
1990-apr-21US T-AO-194 USNS John Ericsson Henry J. Kaiser class
1990-sep-22US T-AO-196 USNS Kanawha Henry J. Kaiser class

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