PZL w-3 sokol

W-3WA sokol


armed version

List of Operators of PZL W-3WA sokol

From Organisation with model W-3WA sokol
poland Wojska Lądowe
    w-3 sokol 1989/   
poland Siły Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej
    w-3 sokol 1993/   

Construction Numbers on database of W-3WA sokol


Construction Numbers

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360811 1997 PL 0811 : LWL c/n 36.08.11
W-3PL Gluszec Aug13 W-3PL type 56.BLot homebase
360819 PL 0819 : LWL; 27+28aug11 66DLot Radom air show
W-3PL Gluszec 2001 conv to W-3PL type
360820 PL 0820 : LWL
W-3PL Gluszec 2011 conv to W-3PL type
360901 PL 0901 : LWL
W-3PL Gluszec 2011 conv to W-3PL type
360903 2000 PL 0903 : LWL c/n 36.09.03
Aug13 56.BLot homebase
Sep16 pictured training with Canadian troops of Operat+
360904 PL 0904 : Nov14 pictured during Falcon 14 exercise with canadian +
360915 PL 0915 : PLF; 27+28aug11 36SPLT Radom air show
360916 PL 0916 : PLF; 27+28aug11 36SPLT Radom air show
8 C/N.

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