Eurocopter EC135



EC.135T2+ training variant for the Japanese Maritime self defence force

Model News

HCare for JMSDF TH-135, 14-Oct-16 : Japan Aerospace 2016 Airbus Helicopters Japan signed contract with Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) for Performance-based Logistics (PBL) service HCare

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Final TH-135, 15-Dec-15 : The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) received the last 2 TH-135. Based on the EC135T2i, 15 training helicopters were first ordered in 2009 and began operations in 2011.

Three more TH-135 to Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, 05-Dec-14 : Airbus Helicopters Japan handed over TH-135 numbers 11,12 and 13 to the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). TH-135 is a training helicopter special customized variant of the EC135T2+

JMSDF TH-135 with Becker DVCS6100 radios, 23-Jun-13 : Becker Avionics is pleased to announce that Eurocopter Japan recently handed over the 10th EC135 Training Helicopter (TH135, a variant of Eurocopter's EC135 T2) to the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (MSDF), with a Becker Avionics DVCS6100 audio management system installed.

10th TH135 delivered to JMSDF, 31-Jan-13 : by Priscilla Yip - Eurocopter Japan successfully handed over the 10th EC135 Training Helicopter (TH135, a variant of Eurocopter’s EC135 T2) to the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (MSDF) yesterday.

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List of Operators of Eurocopter TH-135

From Organisation with model TH-135
japan Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

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0766 2009 JP 8801 : JMSDF d/d 02dec09, test serial D-HCBD
0853 JP 8802 : JMSDF, test serial D-HECF; 11apr10 pictured with 211 Tr+
0965 JP 8803 : JMSDF; 16nov11 pictured as 211Sqd /03 at Takayubaru. JG+
0977 JP 8804 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd
0979 JP 8805 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd
1013 JP 8806 : JMSDF d/d 16nov11, test serial D-HECU; 211 Training Sq+
1016 JP 8807 : JMSDF d/d 26jan12, test serial D-HECL
1017 JP 8808 : JMSDF d/d 26jan12, test serial D-HECA
1065 JP 8809 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd, test serial D-HCBZ
1068 2012 JP 8810 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd, d/d 30jan13, test serial D-HECP
1151 JP 8811 : JMSDF , test serial D-HCBE; 211 Training Sqd Oct14
1152 JP 8812 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd Nov14
1162 JP 8813 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd Dec14
1186 JP 8814 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd Dec15; to be confirmed
1192 JP 8815 : JMSDF 211 Training Sqd Dec15
15 C/N.