Hiller 360


List of Operators of Hiller UH-12C

From Organisation with model UH-12C
usa US Army Aviation
    360 1950/??
united kingdom Bristow
    360 1961/79

Construction Numbers on database of UH-12C


Construction Numbers

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345 US 51-16185 : to US Army until c 1972
US N68364 : ex 51-16185; to N68364
848 UK G-AOZS : reg G-AOZS Feb 1957
to Management Aviation by Jan 1963; damaged 1965, de-re+
pod minus boom at Bourn by 1968. Still there by Jun 197+
936 1958 UK G-ARTG : ex USA, reg in UK Oct 1961. CoA expired Aug 1985, wfu D+
In grounds of The White Hart, by May 1982, still there +
1037 1958 UK G-APMR : 4Jun58 based at Redhill EGKR with Airwork (Helicopters)+
UK G-APMR : Bristow from 19Jul61 until 11Jul79
UK G-APMR : noted at Redhill EGKR 21May77
1038 1958 UK G-APMS : 4Jun58 to Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd, Redhill EGKR until+
UK G-APMS : 19Jun61 Bristows at Rehill EGKR until 30Sep62 temp to U+
noted at Redhill EGKR 21May77
09Apr63 rtnd to Bristows until 11Jul79. Reg temp canx b+
UK G-APMS : Private 19Oct84 rtnd to register, syndicate owner until+
1045 1961 US N9750C :
UK G-ASTP : 04Jun64 Reg to Bristow until 28Aug79 to new owner 20Oct+
acquired by Bristow Helicopters in 1964 for flight trai+
UK G-ASTP : Private 20Oct80 Reg to Leon Goddard, Blandford, Dorset +
Acquired by The Helicopter Museum in 1990
J345 1959 US N7725C : Home built composite, most closely resembling a UH-12C +
to Pima Air ans Space Museum, AZ by Sep 1987. Still the+
AN-002 1957 US N26186 : Hiller-Nunes UH-12C; R.D. Suess at San Jose, CA; 12mar+
8 C/N.