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AgustaWestland Lynx AH9A

In December 2008 the UK Ministry of Defence signed a contract with AgustaWestland to pull forward AW159 Lynx Wildcat programme technologies to provide a rapid upgrade for 12 British Army Lynx AH Mk.9 aircraft with CTS800-4N engines to significantly improve the performance of these aircraft in hot and high operating conditions, such as those found in Afghanistan.

On 2010 a contract was signed to the conversion of the remaining 10 AH.9 as well

Model News

UK 847NAS switch to the Lynx Mk.9A, 13-Jul-12 : This is the very last 'Royal Marines' liveried Lynx Mk7 battlefield helicopter – easily distinguishable from their maritime Mk 8 counterparts courtesy of their grey-green battlefield camouflage and skids instead of wheels as landing gear – to fly with 847 Naval Air Squadron.

AH Mk.9As Set To Complete Delivery in December 2011, 15-Dec-11 : A ceremony was held today at AgustaWestland’s Yeovil facility to mark the completion of the Lynx Mk9A programme and the scheduled delivery of the 22nd and final Lynx AH Mk9A helicopter to the British Army Air Corps in December 2011. The twenty-two aircraft programme was the result of Urgent Operational Requirement contracts placed in November 2008 and March 2010 and will be completed three months ahead of schedule. The ceremony was hosted by Graham Cole, Chairman, AgustaWestland Ltd, with the guest of honour being Brig James Illingworth, Deputy Commander of the Joint Helicopter Command & Director of Army Aviation.

Ten More Lynx Upgrades For The British Army, 26-Mar-10 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a £42 million contract extension by the UK Ministry of Defence for the upgrade of 10 more British Army Lynx Mk.9 helicopters with LHTEC CTS800-4N engines.

First four Lynx Mk.9A delivered, 22-Dec-09 : British Army received first four upgraded Lynx Mk.9A helicopters

First Upgraded British Army Lynx Flies With New Engines, 16-Sep-09 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, is pleased to announce the successful first flight of the British Army’s first Lynx AH Mk.9A fitted with more powerful CTS800 engines, just 10 months after contract award. The maiden flight, lasting 60 minutes, took place today at AgustaWestland’s Yeovil facility with the aircraft handling as expected.

List of Operators of AgustaWestland Lynx AH9A

From Organisation with model Lynx AH9A
united kingdom Royal Marines
    15 1982/13
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    22 2009/15

Construction Numbers

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319 1985 UK ZE375 : ah7 AAC; 1995 AH.9 type 659Sqn.
conv to AH9A type
320 1985 UK ZE376 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9
ah9 10sep06 661Sqn. Tag der Heeresflieger
conv AH9A type
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
324 1986 UK ZE380 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9; 2009 672Sqn
conv AH9A type
28jan16 pictured at Newquay Airport
329 1986 UK ZF537 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9 type; Sep05 1Regt
672Sq (9 Regt) by Apr 2005, until Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep +
returned to 1 REGT from Iraq, 10 Jun 2009
conv AH.9A type
09sep16 type: AH.9A 657Sqn. at Prestwick
657 Sq. Took part in celebration flypast to mark end of+
330 1987 UK ZF538 : ah7 AAC; conv AH.9; Jan06 1 Regt
UK ZF538 : Royal Marines in 2007 847Sqn.
conv AH.9A type, also with AAC
UK ZF538 : 657 Sq. Took part in celebration flypast to mark end of+
346 1990 UK ZG884 : ah9 AAC; Dec06 1Reg.
14mar07 1Reg.
2008 1Reg.
Iraq until 2009;to 9 REGT
conv AH.9A type
347 UK ZG885 : ah9 AAC in 2000 /7 659Sqn.
conv AH9A type
27jan18 touched down for the final time at Middle Wallo+
348 1991 UK ZG886 : ah9 AAC; Nov05 9 Regt; conv AH9A type
349 1991 UK ZG887 : ah9 AAC; 1993 /4 9Reg.
conv AH.9A type
05may15 pictured at RAF Brize Norton
351 1991 UK ZG888 : ah9 AAC in 1993 /5 9Reg.
As of 2010, a MK9A at 672Sqn
AAC; 13+14jun12 9Reg.
352 1991 UK ZG889 : ah9 AAC d/d 27sep91; 9 Regt til Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep 2005; +
05mar92 type: AH.9 unit unknown, stop at Soesterberg
659Sq Command Flt by Feb 1999
353 1991 UK ZG914 : ah9 AAC; conv AH9A type
354 1991 UK ZG915 : ah9 AAC; conv AH9A type
355 1991 UK ZG916 : ah9 AAC f/f 10de91, d/d 06jan92
Apr05 asg 672Sqn (9 Regt)
conv AH.9A type f/f 16sep09
Mar14 with Vector Aerospace at Fleetlands
356 1992 UK ZG917 : ah9 AAC; conv AH9A type
26jan18 the last Mk9A in army service to touch down at +
27jan18 touched down for the final time at Middle Wallo+
357 1992 UK ZG918 : ah9 AAC in 1993 664Sqn. ; 1998 659Sqn. ; 2006 1Reg.
conv AH9A type
23nov15 14hs at Norwich
Aug16 657sq
05jan17 at Southampton general hospital
657 Sq. Took part in celebration flypast to mark end of+
358 1992 UK ZG919 : ah9 AAC; 1993 9Reg./7; 2003 659Sqn.; 2007 1Reg.
conv AH.9A type
359 1992 UK ZG920 : ah9 AAC; Nov05 1 Regt; conv AH9A type
360 1992 UK ZG921 : ah9 AAC; 1995 659Sqn.
14mar07 at Koksijde
returned to 1 REGT from Iraq, 10 Jun 2009
conv AH9A type
06jun14 at Hope Valley, Castleton
362 1992 UK ZG923 : ah9 AAC AH9 type; conv AH.9A type
conv to AH.9A completed by Westland 13 Jul 2009; to 1 R+
20 C/N.

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