AgustaWestland Lynx

Derived from Westland Lynx

AgustaWestland Lynx

Airframes built before 2001 listed as Westland Lynx

Model News

Third Wild Lynx for Brazilian Navy, 28-Dec-19 : The Brazilian Navy accepted the third Wild Lynx AH-11B at Yeovil, UK. Eight Super Lynx Mk21A are being upgraded under a $160M contract

The British Army Wildcat Helicopter, 20-Dec-19 : #Wildcat Review of the Leonardo AW159 operated by the British Army Air Corps. The 1st Regiment is the Army’s reconnaissance force and operator of the Wildcat AH.1

Ten Years with the AW159 Wildcat, 14-Nov-19 : #TenYears The AW159 celebrating its 10th anniversary with more than 70 helicopters delivered to the British Army, Royal Navy, Republic of Korea Navy and the Philippine Navy having logged over 50,000 flight hours

Brazilian Wild Lynx First Landing on Ship, 02-Aug-19 : #WildLynx Brazilian naval aviation new upgraded helicopter, the Wild Lynx Mk21B or AH-11B performed first landing on a Navy’ ship

Wildcat and Apache in Norway for Exercise Clockwork, 09-Mar-19 : #WinterTraining Royal Navy’ 847 Naval Air Squadron Wildcats and Apaches from AAC 656 Squadron in Norway for annual winter training during arctic NATO exercise Clockwork

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Derivatives & Versions

Super Lynx mk90b 2000 Royal Danish Navy Mk.90 and Mk.90A upgraded to Super Lynx
Super Lynx mk100 2002 Royal Malaysian Navy, with 1,327 hp CTS-800-4N engines. Six built
Super Lynx mk110 2003 Export version for Royal Thai Navy
Super Lynx mk120 2003 16 built Royal Air Force of Oman.
Lynx HMA8 (DAS) 2004 DAS = Defensive Aids Subsystem. All HMA.8(DSP) aircraft were upgraded to this variant.
Lynx HMA8 (SRU) 2006 SRU = SATURN. Second-generation Anti-jam Tactical UHF Radio used by NATO Radio Upgrade. All surving DAS aircraft were modified and included SIFF ...
Super Lynx mk64 2007 South African Air Force
Lynx AH9A 2008 In December 2008 the UK Ministry of Defence signed a contract with AgustaWestland to pull forward AW159 Lynx Wildcat programme technologies to pr ...
AW159 2009 The AW159 is a twin engined, naval and utility, multi role helicopter, initially developed as a candidate for the UK Future Lynx competition.It h ...
The new Lynx first flew on November 12, 2009 and is known in British military service as the Lynx Wildcat. 62nd and final Wildcat for UK MoD de ...
Super Lynx mk130 2009 First export version for Algeria
AW159 Wildcat AH1 2010 British Army and Royal Marines variant of the AW159
AW159 Wildcat HMA2 2012 Originally referenced as the Wildcat HMA.1 in official Royal Navy communications, from c May 2013, it began to be referred to as the Wildcat HMA. ...
Super Lynx mk140 2012 Second export version for Algeria (version 300)
AW159 210 2013 AW159 export version for Republic of Korea Navy (South Korea)
AW159 220 2018 AW159 export version for Philippines Navy
Wild Lynx mk21b 2018 Upgraded Mk21A for Brazilian Navy fitted with AW159 Wildcat engines CTS800-4N, full digital glass cockpit and new EW avionics suite

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