CH-47D Chinook prototypes. Three older airframes used, one of each earlier version A, B and C

List of Operators of Boeing YCH-47D

From Organisation with model YCH-47D
usa US Army Aviation
    414 - H-47D Chinook 1982/   

Construction Numbers on database of YCH-47D


Construction Numbers

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M.3001 US 76-08008 : US Army; cnvt. from ex CH-47A 65-08008; cnvt. to CH-47D+
M.3002 US 76-18479 : US Army; cnvt. from ex CH-47B 67-18479; i/a Fort Eutis,+
M.3003 US 76-18538 : US Army; cnvt. from ex CH-47C 67-18538; cnvt. to CH-47D+
3 C/N.