Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook

Derived from Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook


  • Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook
  • Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook

In 1976 three US Army Chinooks (one for each existent version, A,B and C) were chosen to be converted to the new CH-47D variant which have upgraded engines and a new triple-hook cargo system. The programme started in 1979 and a total of 472 airframes were converted. There were also a few new-built Ds with the last of them delivered in 2002

In 1999, Boeing presented the CH-47SD (or Super-D) for the international market featuring extended range and a glass cockpit.

In 2001, Boeing unveiled the CH-47F a new upgrade that includes at least 300 conversions of the remaining Ds

In 2004, the MH-47G special forces variant was first delivered.

Derivatives & Versions

YCH-47D 1977 CH-47D Chinook prototypes. Three older airframes used, one of each earlier version A, B and C
CH-47D Chinook 1979
MH-47D Chinook 1984 Introduced in mid-eighties, twelve D aircraft ( 6 ex CH-47A and 6 ex CH-47B ) were converted for use by the US Army 160th Special Operations A ...
MH-47E Chinook 1988 Special Operations Aircraft (SOA). 26 converted from CH-47C with similar capabilities as the MH-47D but with the CH-47SD (Super-D) increased fue ...
CH-47SD Chinook 1999 The Super D, aimed primarily at the international market incorporating a fully integrated glass cockpit with automated flight controls and full a ...
CH-47F Chinook 2001 Aimed as a low cost re-manufacture of the CH-47D and to extend the model life to 2060, the CH-47F first flew in 2001 and the first production mac ...
Main features includes new 4.868 shp Honeywell engines, improved avionics and an upgraded airframe with larger single-piece sections to redu ...
All F-models are built with a completely re-designed and newly manufactured airframe. While some aircraft are assembled with “recycled” compo ...
Chinook HC.4 2010 Upgrade version for RAF Chinook HC.2/2A under name project Julius. Upgrade at Vector Aerospace (UK).

List of Operators of Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook

From Organisation with model 414 - H-47D Chinook
usa US Army Aviation
greece Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou
    16 1989/   
spain Fuerzas Aeromóviles del Ejército de Tierra
    CH-47D Chinook 17 1991/   
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    49 1993/   
australia Australian Army Aviation
    CH-47D Chinook 8 1995/16
singapore Republic of Singapore Air Force
    16 1995/   
netherlands Koninklijke Luchtmacht
    CH-47D Chinook 13 1996/   
taiwan Taiwan Army
    CH-47SD Chinook 9 2002/   
canada Canadian Armed Forces
    CH-47D Chinook 7 2008/11
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    Chinook HC.4 2012/   
usa Columbia Helicopters
    CH-47D Chinook 2014/   
usa Billings Flying Service
    CH-47D Chinook 2014/   
usa CHI Aviation
    CH-47D Chinook 2014/   
usa Sky Cats Puma Corp
    CH-47D Chinook 2014/   
usa Summit Aviation
    CH-47D Chinook 2014/   
morocco al-Quwwat al-Jaoiyah al-Malakiyah al-Maghribiyah
    CH-47D Chinook 2015/   
usa Unical Defense Inc
    CH-47D Chinook 2015/   
Construction Numbers on database of 414 - H-47D Chinook or its versions


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