Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook

Derived from 114

Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook

Development began in 1956 as the Vertol model 114. In Jun 1959 a US Army contract for 5 prototype effective battlefield medium/heavy lift helicopters was awarded. The second prototype was the first to fly on 21 Sep 1961 and the CH-47A entered US Army service in Aug 1962. In the meantime (1960) Boeing had acquired Vertol.
The CH-47 Chinook is tandem rotor medium/heavy lift helicopter with a pair of 3 bladed, contra-rotating rotors atop a square section, semi-monocoque, all-metal fuselage, supported on a non-retracting quadricycle undercarriage. Twin engines mounted externally on either side of the rear rotor head above a downward opening rear loading cargo ramp. Variable number of cargo hook hard points on the fuselage underside.
Hugely successful design has been developed and improved for over forty years in a number of versions and for a variety of customers, with every prospect of life extensions for another thirty.
Also built by Kawasaki in Japan and Meridionali in Italy. Chinooks have served in all branches of the US military and para-military and the armed forces of Argentina, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Italy, Japan, Libya, Morocco, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the UK. A commercial version (the Model 234) is also available. Canadian military examples are designated CH-147.
The much improved variants CH-47D and CH-47F are listed separately

  CH-47 Chinook News

Q40 Defender Celebrates Chinook Anniversary

Q40 Defender Celebrates Chinook Anniversary

05-May-22 - TECNIQ, a British automotive design and manufacturing specialist, showcase Q40 Defender project celebrating 40th anniversary of the CH-47 Chinook in RAF service #Q40
RAF Chinook and Puma Joint Flight

RAF Chinook and Puma Joint Flight

07-Dec-21 - The Royal Air Force (RAF) celebrated the 90 years of combined service of the Puma and Chinook helicopters with a specially painted aircraft formation flight #90years
Chinook First Flight 60th Anniversary

Chinook First Flight 60th Anniversary

22-Sep-21 - The iconic tandem-rotor helicopter made its first flight on September 21, 1961, and will lead heavy-lift readiness for decades to come #Chinook
Pegnitz Chinook Crash 50th Anniversary

Pegnitz Chinook Crash 50th Anniversary

27-Aug-21 - On August 18, 1971 a Boeing-Vertol CH-47A Chinook from US Army 4th Aviation Company crashed in Pegnitz, Germany, killing 37 American Soldiers #chinook
RAF Chinook 40th Anniversary

RAF Chinook 40th Anniversary

01-Dec-20 - The Royal Air Force remembered the arrival at RAF Odiham on 22nd November 1980 of the first Chinook helicopter. The Chinook has been involved in every major conflict since then seeing action in the South Atlantic, Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan
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  Derivatives & Versions of CH-47 Chinook

CH-47A Chinook

YHC-1B / YCH-47A

ACH-47A Guns A Go-Go

1965 Four CH-47A Attack Cargo Helicopter were converted to gunships in November 1965. The four aircraft were named Cost of Living, Easy Money, Stump J ...
CH-47B Chinook

1966 Powered by two Lycoming T55-L-7C 2,850 shp engines. Featured a blunted rear rotor pylon, redesigned asymmetrical rotor blades, and strakes along ...
The CH-47B was to be ordered by the RAF to replace the Belvedere. Subsequently cancelled.
CH-47C Chinook

EM CH-47C Chinook


1970 Testing advanced technologies for future designs, in 1965 Boeing Vertol modified a Bv-107II as a concept demonstrator with four stub wings among ...
CH-147 Chinook

1974 CH-47C for Canadian Armed Forces
B 414 - H-47D Chinook

1979 In 1976 three US Army Chinooks (one for each existent version, A,B and C) were chosen to be converted to the new CH-47D variant which have upgr ...

1988 The CH-47J is a medium-transport helicopter for the Japan Ground Self Defence Force, and the long range SAR helicopter for the Japan Air Self Def ...

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