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    Derived from 414 - H-47D Chinook

    Boeing CH-47F Chinook

    Aimed as a low cost re-manufacture of the CH-47D and to extend the model life to 2060, the CH-47F first flew in 2001 and the first production machine came off the Boeing Pennsylvania line in July 2004.

    All F-models are built with a completely re-designed and newly manufactured airframe. While some aircraft are assembled with “recycled” components from D-models, approximately 40 of the F-models produced as of 2014 are “new builds”.

    Main features includes new 4.868 shp Honeywell engines, improved avionics and an upgraded airframe with larger single-piece sections to reduce part count thus reducing vibrations and the need for inspections and repairs.


    Engine: 2 x Lycoming T55-GA-714A 4868 shp
    Capacity: 3 + 55
    Length: (m) 15.9
    Height: (m) 5.77
    Blades: 3
    Rotor diam.: (m) 18.29
    Disc area: (m2) 260
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 10100     Max: 22600
    Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 220     Max: 315
    Range: (km) 740
    Ceiling: (m) 5600
    Rate/Climb: (m/min) 463

    Derivatives & Versions

    MH-47G Chinook 2004 Based on the CH-47F with the CAAS glass cockpit, the MH-47G Special Operations Aircraft (SOA) are used by 160th SOAR. They were first delivered ...
    HH-47H Chinook 2006 The HH-47, a variant based on the special operations aircraft MH-47G, was selected by the USAF as the winner of the Combat Search and Rescue ( C ...
    CH-147F Chinook 2012 CH-47F variant for the Canadian Forces. First flight June 24, 2012
    AW ICH-47F Chinook 2013 AgustaWestland and Boeing signed an industrial agreement for the joint manufacture of the ICH-47F in July 2008. Under the agreement AgustaWestlan ...
    Future H-47 Chinook 2019 Based on the CH-47F Block II, a Chinook Extended Range (ER) variant is proposed for the German Heavy Lift Helicopter program

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