Boeing CH-47F Chinook

CH-147F Chinook


Boeing CH-147F Chinook

CH-47F variant for the Canadian Forces. First flight June 24, 2012

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From Organisation with model CH-147F Chinook
canada Canadian Armed Forces

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M.2051 2012 US N256CN : Boeing CH-147F for Canadian Forces f/f 24jun12
CA 147301 : RCAF
M.2052 2013 CA 147302 : del RCAF as CH-147F, 147302, 2013
M.2053 CA 147303 : RCAF d/d 21jun13, test serial N258CN
Cf Garrison Petawawa Ontario 450 Sqn
from CFB Petawawa to Alert Nunavut and then Baffin Isl+
pictured on static display at 22wing CFB North Bay for+
M.2054 CA 147304 : ex N259CN, Mode S code A2792C. Built as CH-147F.
pictured (pic1) on display at Fairford 2017
asg ATF-Mali, MINUSMA pictured (pic2) at Gao, Mali
M.2055 CA 147305 : ex N260CN, Mode S code A27F3C. Built as CH-147F.
picture taking off from Tanquary Fiord, Nunavut en rou+
M.2056 CA 147306 : ex N261CN, Mode S code A282F3. Built as CH-147F.
M.2057 CA 147307 : ex N262CN, Mode S code A286AA. Built as CH-147F.
from CFB Petawawa to Alert Nunavut and then Baffin Isl+
pictured (pic1) at CFS Alert during Operation Nevus
Jul18 asg ATF-Mali, MINUSMA pictured (pic2) training m+
M.2058 CA 147308 : ex N263CN, Mode S code A28A61. Built as CH-147F.
M.2059 CA 147309 : ex N264CN, Mode S code A28E18. Built as CH-147F.
M.2060 CA 147310 : ex N265CN, Mode S code A291CF. Built as CH-147F.
Jun17 pictured during Exercise Taureau Mouillé
M.2061 CA 147311 : ex N266CN, Mode S code A29586. Built as CH-147F.
asg ATF-Mali in Gao, Mali
147311 : Jun18 to Mali for MINUSMA via C-177
M.2062 CA 147312 : ex N267CN, Mode S code A2993D. Built as CH-147F.
M.2063 CA 147313 : ex N268CN, Mode S code A29CF4. Built as CH-147F.
M.2064 CA 147314 : ex N269CN, Mode S code A2A0AB. Built as CH-147F.
M.2065 CA 147315 : ex N270CN, Mode S code A2A6BB. Built as CH-147F.
15 C/N.

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