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    MH-47G Chinook


    Based on the CH-47F with the CAAS glass cockpit, the MH-47G Special Operations Aircraft (SOA) are used by 160th SOAR. They were first delivered on May 7, 2004 as upgrades of older MH-47D and MH-47E airframes. The 62th and last re-manufactured aircraft was delivered on March 2011.
    On September 2014 was delivered the first new-build MH-47G Block I.
    On 2018 were ordered first of 15 MH-47G Block II

    List of Operators of Boeing MH-47G Chinook

    From Organisation with model MH-47G Chinook
    usa US Army Aviation
        CH-47F Chinook 2004/   

    Construction Numbers on database of MH-47G Chinook


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