2004 to present

US Army Aviation CH-47F Chinook

First 2 prototypes rolled-out in May 2002. First production model, Lot 1, delivered on July 2004 along with the MH-47G special operations variant. First of 352 production CH-47F rollout ceremony held June 2006 with first unit IOC achieved August 2007. As October 2014, 300 helicopters have been delivered to 18 active and National Guard units.

The multiyear II ( Chinook MYII ) configuration incorporates a number of product improvements such as the new Cargo-On-Off-Loading system that enables rapid re-configuration of the floor for cargo missions and the Cargo Platform Heath Environment system that provides real-time health monitoring to further reduce maintenance actions and ultimately reduce the overall life cycle cost of the product.

For other CH-47 Chinook variants in US Army service see:
  • CH-47 A/B/C
  • CH-47D
  • MH-47D
  • MH-47E
  • MH-47G

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2014/    1-228 AVNHN Cnel Enrique Soto Cano
    2013/    4th CAB Fort Carson
    2013/    Ohio National Guard Akron-Canton Regional / OHARNG
    2011/    1-223 AVN Knox AHP / Fort Rucker
    Cairns AAF / Fort Rucker
    2011/    Hawaii National Guard Wheeler
    2009/    82nd CAB Simmons Army Airfield / Fort Bragg
    2009/    3-82 GSAB Simmons Army Airfield / Fort Bragg
    2007/    7-101 AVN Campbell Army Airfield
    2007/    1-214 AVNDE USAG Grafenwöhr
    DE Landstuhl
    2004/    160 SOAR Campbell Army Airfield
    1-52d AVN Fort Wainwright
    KR Seoul AB
    12th CABDE Ansbach / Katterbach
    DE Giebelstadt
    DE Hohenfels
    DE USAG Grafenwöhr
    Georgia National Guard Clay National Guard Center

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