Boeing 414 - H-47D Chinook

CH-47SD Chinook


The Super D, aimed primarily at the international market incorporating a fully integrated glass cockpit with automated flight controls and full authority digital engine control (FADEC). Enhancements that were applied later to the CH-47F

Model News

Boeing Completes FMS Contract for Taiwanese Chinooks, 05-Jan-00 : PHILADELPHIA, PA - Boeing has signed a contract calling for the delivery of nine CH-47SD (Super D) Chinook helicopters to Taiwan under a Foreign Military Sale agreement with the U.S. government. The procurement, valued in excess of $300 million, includes logistical support. Deliveries will begin in 2001.

Boeing Super D Chinook First Flight, 26-Aug-99 : The Boeing CH-47SD Chinook completes first flight. The "SUPER-D" features glass cockpit and FADEC

List of Operators of Boeing CH-47SD Chinook

From Organisation with model CH-47SD Chinook
greece Elliniki Aeroporia Stratou
    414 - H-47D Chinook 16 1989/   
singapore Republic of Singapore Air Force
    414 - H-47D Chinook 16 1995/   
taiwan Taiwan Army
    9 2002/   
Construction Numbers on database of CH-47SD Chinook


Construction Numbers

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M.4131 SG 88189 : RSgAF
M.4132 SG 88190 : RSgAF
M.4133 SG 88191 : RSgAF
M.4134 SG 88192 : RSgAF
M.4135 1998 SG 88193 : RSAF, Boeing test serial N2137A
Jun17 with CH20 Tailart
M.4136 SG 88195 : RSAF
Oct13 127Sqn. at Rockhampton
M.4137 SG 88196 : RSAF
Oct13 127Sqn. at Rockhampton
M.4138 1998 SG 88197 : RSAF, Boeing test serial N21619
M.4139 SG 88198 : RSgAF
M.4140 SG 88199 : RSgAF
19-24feb08 127Sqn. at Singapore Airshow
M.4141 US N5104Q : Boeing toward ROC 7301
TW 7301 : ROC
M.4142 US N5120B : Boeing toward ROC 7302
TW 7302 : ROC
M.4143 US N51351 : Boeing toward ROC 7303
TW 7303 : ROC; w/o 18dec08
M.4144 US N5138J : Boeing toward ROC 7304
TW 7304 : ROC
M.4145 US N5156F : Boeing toward ROC 7305
TW 7305 : ROC
M.4146 US N5166P : Boeing toward ROC 7306
TW 7306 : ROC
M.4147 US N5184C : Boeing toward ROC 7307
TW 7307 : ROC
M.4148 US N5202P : Boeing toward ROC 7308
TW 7308 : ROC
M.4149 US N5211T : Boeing toward ROC 7309
TW 7309 : ROC
M.4281 GR ES911 : CH-47SD d/d 2001; N50446
M.4282 GR ES912 : CH-47SD d/d 2001, test serial N5045D; 4TEAS; 29apr08 pi+
M.4283 GR ES913 : CH-47SD d/d 2001; N5045R; 18sep09 pictured with 4TEAS E+
M.4284 GR ES914 : CH-47SD d/d 2001; ex N5069L; EUFOR markings for deploym+
14Oct14 4TEAS
M.4285 GR ES915 : CH-47SD d/d 2001; ex N50924; 07jun11 CH-46SD type pict+
14Oct14 4TEAS
M.4286 GR ES916 : CH-47SD d/d 2001; N5096U; w/o 11sep04 crash on Aegean S+
M.4287 GR ES917 : CH-47SD d/d 2002; N5099U
14Oct14 4TEAS
26 C/N.

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