Saunders Roe Skeeter

Skeeter 7


The Skeeter 7 was the culmination of SAROs efforts to improve the original Skeeter design and became the basis for the British Army AOP.12 and the West German Mk.50 and Mk.51. It was powered by an improved Gypsy Major 215 engine.

List of Operators of Saunders Roe Skeeter 7

From Organisation with model Skeeter 7
united kingdom Army Air Corps
    Skeeter 67 1958/67
united kingdom Newark (Notts & Lincs) Air Museum
    Skeeter 1 1980/   

Construction Numbers on database of Skeeter 7

29Skeeter 7

Construction Numbers

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S2/3070 1958 UK XK482 : Skeeter 6 Built at Cowes, to Eastleigh during Mar 1957 and on to +
to 1906 Flt Apr 1957
returned to SARO Apr 1957 for conversion AOP.12 standar+
to 5MU Wroughton by as ground trainer, 7840M.
to CCF at Ottershaw School (nr Weybridge) by Mar 1980.
UK G-BJWC : ex XK482; reg G-BJWC during Nov 1982 to a private owner+
exported to Australia; to Tyabb, Vic for restoration by+
S2/5066 1958 UK XL735 : AOP.12 to British Army May 1958
to Manston Fire School by Jul 1968
to 2433 Sq ATC, Manston by Aug 1976, still Jan 1980.
to Tattershall Thorpe; Departed by Oct 1992
S2/5067 1958 UK XL736 : AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Aug 1958.
Middle Wallop, 655 Sq; 1 Flt
25 Sep 1968 w/o in ground accident on French roads.
XL736 : held privately at Moordrecht; Holzerlingen, nr Stuttga+
stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, May 2011. Still there +
S2/5069 1958 UK XL738 : AOP.12 del AAC Sep 1958; HTF; 651 Sq
w/o 15 Feb 1963; to 7860M
Boom of XL738 joined with pod of XL769 c 1973 or earlie+
To Ivybridge, Devon, still there Aug 2001
S2/5071 1958 UK XL739 : AOP.12 Built by Saunders Roe del AAC Sep 1958
15/19 Hussars; w/o 8 Oct 1968
Preserved outside 4 REGT HQ by .
Stored in UK by
displayed on a pole at 3 REGT HQ since at least Jan 200+
Norfolk Tank Museum by Mar19
S2/5074 1958 UK XL762 : AOP.12. Appeared at 1958 SBAC Farnborough Air Show, dd +
28sep14 pictured preserved at the National Museum of Fl+
XL762 Museum of Flight, East Fortune : Acquired by Museum of Flight, . Still present 2013.
S2/5075 1958 UK XL763 : AOP.12 del AAC Sep 1958; 2 Div; 654 Sq; Air Troop 15/19+
Southall Tech College by Nov 1969, still there by Jul 1+
Stored at Ottershaw, Surrey by 1994
To Ivybridge, Devon by c , still there Aug 2001
In storage at Storwood, Yorks by Nov 2012
s2/5076 1958 UK XL764 : dd Sep 1958 to Eastleigh and on to Army Air Corps at Mi+
In Feb 1964 it returned and went between the A&AEE at B+
To 7940M at the Army Apprentice School at Arborfield du+
UK XL764 : Sold in and displayed at Nostell Priory.
To Newark Air Museum in Jul 1980, where it wears the co+
pictured at Newark Air Museum
S2/5078 1958 XL765 : Saunders Roe, ff 19 Sep 1958
UK XL765 : 651 Sq 2 Feb 1959; trials at Middle Wallop between Jul +
to 15MU 16 Jun 1967; SoC 27 May 1968 and sold to privat+
to University of Leeds, Dept. of Engineering 1969. Tho+
to Leamington Spa; to Leverstock Green
to Melksham, for restoration by Mar 2016.
S2/5085 1958 UK XL769 : Del Army Dec 1958
to 7981M
Composite airframe: pod of XL769, mated with boom of XL+
to Handforth by for restoration (potentially as G-BDNS+
UK G-BDNS : Restoration believed incomplete. Reg G-BDNS Jan 1976, c+
S2/5086 1958 UK XL770 : AOP.12 Del AAC Dec 1958.
654 Sq; 652 Sq; 15/19 Hussars; soc May 1968
to Arborfield Jul 1969 as 8046M
At RMCS Shrivenham by Jan 1980, still 1984
S2/5094 1959 UK XL809 : AOP.12 Feb 1959 to AAC; 652 Sq; 654 Sq; 22 Flt; 652 Sq;+
AAC Skeeter AOP.12 unk to PH-SRE
NL PH-SRE : ex XL809 unk to PH-HOF
NL PH-HOF : ex PH-SRE 03may84 to G-BLIX
XL809 : G-BLIX, to Sywell Oct 1988 in airworthy condition
to Bedford area by Oct 2015
S2/5095 1958 UK XL810 : while with 9 Flight in Germany, hit power cables, cras+
S2/5096 1959 UK XL811 : to AAC. 651 Sq, 652 Sq, 17 Flt., Air Troop 9/12 Lancers+
XL811 : to Northern Aircraft Preservation Society Dec 1968
to Historic Aircraft Museum, Southend until c May 1983+
to International Helicopter Museum, W-s-M Sep 1992. Sti+
S2/5097 1959 UK XL812 : AAC Skeeter AOP12 d/d 13mar59; to G-SARO
to Rotherham. Left Rotherham for Blackpool by road on 3+
UK G-SARO : to Blackpool for restoration to flying condition, compl+
UK private Jul78-Nov00; Nov00-Apr10
Reg Canx by CAA 14apr10
UK XL812 : AAC Historic Flight
pictured on display at Fairford 2017
S2/5098 1959 UK XL813 : to Army Historic Aircraft Flight by
S2/5099 1959 UK XL814 : at Greenham Common
12+13may90 AACHF at North Weald Fighter Meet Airshow
AAC Skeeter AOP12 d/d 06mar59; AAC Historic Flight; pr+
S2/5103 1959 UK XM527 : AOP.12 for AAC.
AETW Middle Wallop (7820M) by Mar 1978
S2/5107 1959 UK XM553 : Skeeter AOP.12; preserved at Yorkshire Air Museum, Eng+
UK G-AWSV : ex XM553
to G-AWSV Oct 1968; visited Farnborough Air Show 1972
S2/5109 1959 UK XM555 : Skeeter AOP.12 d/d 14jul59; to 8027M; on display at NE+
to 654 Sq by Aug 1959; to 652 Sq by Jun 1964 to c Oct 1+
to RAF Ternhill as Gate Guard by Apr 1974
On display at RAF Shawbury by Sep 1976, still Mar 1980;+
to RAF Museum Cosford by Sep 1983
to RAF Museum, Hendon (for storage ?) date ?; to RAF Mu+
to NE LSAM by May 2015, still there Mar 2018
S2/5110 1959 UK XM556 : Skeeter AOP.12 to Army Air Corps
to 654 Sq Sep 1959
to RAF CFS / V in Jul 1961 and known as Skeeter T.13 (b+
to 7870M Dec 1964; to Army Apprentice College, Chepstow+
to Flint Technical College by Nov 1972. Subsequently fi+
26 Jun 1977 as /V in the static display at RAF Greenham+
to Briitsh Rotorcraft Museum as (G-HELI) /V by Mar 197+
XM556 : painted in German colours as SC+117 and exhibited at Ga+
S2/5112 1959 UK XM557 : AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Jul 1959.
1 Wing; 652 Sq; 654 Sq; 4 Flt; 652 Sq; 17 Flt; 26 Regt
XM557 : held privately at Moordrecht Oct 1969; Holzerlingen, nr+
stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, Jan 2011. Still there +
S2/5116 1959 UK XM561 : ff Sep1959. to Army Oct 1959.
to Arborfield by Nov 1967 as 7980M; to Middle Wallop by+
to Moston College of FE by Oct 1975, still there Jan 19+
to Tattershall Thorpe by Feb 1983; to Lincolnshire Avia+
departed East Kirby for South Yorkshire Air Museum, Fir+
to Aeroventure / SYAM Doncaster (presented as XM651 by +
pictured at Aeroventure, Doncaster, under cover, paint+
S2/5119 1959 UK XM564 : dd Dec 1959 to Army Air Corps; 652 Sq, CFS, 12 Flt, 652+
Mar 1969 presented to the Tank Museum by 2 RTR
Jan 1977 Gate Guard at the Tank Museum
Tank Museum, Bovington by , still 1983, 1996, Oct 2011.
XM564 : 25jun16 at Bovington Tank Museum, Vehicle Conservation +
S2/5120 1959 UK XM565 : AOP.12 del Nov 1959; 651 Sq
to MW as G.I. 7861M Sep 1964
to Southampton; to Fleetlands; to Middle Wallop; to Ivy+
In storage at Storwood, Yorks by Jul 2013
S2/7147 1960 UK XN341 : dd Feb 1960 to AAC. 651 Sq, Air Troop 3 RTR, soc c 1970
UK XN341 : arr 4 SoTT as 8022M at St Athan by Jul 1968, until sold+
In static display at Chivenor Air Show 1970
XN341 : To Stondon Transport Museum, Lower Stondon, since at le+
13/21 Sep15 for sale on Ebay from seller in Shrewsbury,+
Stands on a roof of a dumpstore in Maasbracht, Holland +
S2/7150 1960 UK XN344 : 652 Sq; 654 Sq
to GI as 8018M at Middle Wallop by Aug 1968.
to Science Museum, South Kensington by Apr 1975, still +
25 Sep 2019 pictured (pic1) at The Science Museum, Sout+
S2/7151 1960 UK XN345 : AOP.12 built by Saunders Roe, del Mar 1960.
1 Wing; 655 Sq; 654 Sq; 17 Flt; 652 Sq; 17 Flt; 26 Reg+
XN345 : held privately at Moordrecht Oct 1969; Holzerlingen, nr+
stored at IHM Weston-super-Mare, Jan 2011. Still there +
S2/7154 1960 UK XN348 : AOP.12 Del AAC Jun 1960
to AAC Museum Middle Wallop by Jul 1970
UK 8024M : Jul 1968 to RAF Binbrook as G I Airframe, until c Jun /+
XN348 : at B├╝ckeberg helicopter museum by Apr 1974, still ther+
S2/7157 1960 UK XN351 : 651 Sq, 652 Sq, 3 RTR Air Troop, Wroughton, Shuttlewort+
at Inverness Airport before May 1990 (reg G-BKSC). Depa+
Arrived 10 Jun 1992 in Inverness area, for restoration
XN351 Torbay Aircraft Museum : on loan to Torbay Aircraft Museum May 1971. Still there+
to Wales Aircraft Museum 1980 and into restoration, to +
Preserved in Norwich area by Jan 2014, still in Jan 201+
30 C/N.